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Turkish Rice – Pilav ( Pilaff – Pilaw )

11:09 pm
Turkish Rice - Pilav  ( Pilaff - Pilaw )

Turkish Cuisine, Turkish Recipes, Turkish Foods, Turkish Kitchen, Turkish Culture

What would a meal in Turkey without pilav? One of the most basic maintenance and comfort of all Turkish dishes. The Turkish cooking rice rather different from ours in the west. The secret is to sizzle – that gives a creamy butter and melt in your mouth texture and flavor. It’s the gastronomic equivalent of sinking in a huge armchair in front of a wood fire.

If any dish can be said to form the base, the foundation of Turkish cuisine, then pilav is. It has a fascinating history and old, and can be found throughout the country that radiate from the Middle East, with a subtle change of vowels or consonants – in Uzbek pilaf, pilau in India, Albania pilaf …

Travel in Turkey and savor its delicate flavor and texture reassuring all possible types of hotels, from the humblest of local restaurants to the most elegant restaurant in Istanbul. Lokanta eat in a town and enjoy a lot of hot steam pilav adorned with a spoonful of peas or beans juicy poured over the top – a real meal in itself. Dine in an upscale hotel, and you’ll find the humble pilav, primped and preened, but serves as a soft lining. It is the perfect staple in any Turkish food.

Turkey pilav – pure, simple and perfect.

Ingredients (serves 4):

3 cups of rice (an ordinary kitchen glass will do, about 225 or 250 ml)
3 tablespoons butter (real butter gives it flavor, is not a substitute margarine)
3 cups water or broth (chicken soup works especially well, and to evoke the authentic flavor)
2 teaspoons salt


1: Wash the rice in a colander with cold water. Put the rice in a bowl and cover with warm salt water. This position until cool. Wash thoroughly in cold water (water should be clear), then drain well.

2: Melt the butter in a saucepan until it just begins to sizzle, before it turns brown. Add rice and saute for 2-3 minutes, stirring continuously.

3: Pour the broth or water in the pan, bring to a boil, then lower heat to simmer. Do not stir while cooking pilau! Cook until the rice has absorbed all the water (10-15 minutes). Add salt and pepper to taste.

4: Take the pan from the heat and remove lid. Place a clean kitchen towel in the pot, and then replace the lid. Leave a “brew” for 5-10 minutes. Then serve.

Turkish Rice, Turksh Pilav, Pilaff, Pilaw, Turkish Cuisine, Turkish Recipes, Turkish Foods, Turkish Kitchen, Turkish Culture

Turkish Rice, Turksh Pilav, Pilaff, Pilaw, Turkish Cuisine, Turkish Recipes, Turkish Foods, Turkish Kitchen, Turkish Culture

If you like extra fluffy rice, use a wooden spoon or a fork to stir just before serving.

A bit of plain yogurt and chopped spring onions for a delicious side.

Variations on a Theme

Pilav can be added and embellished in many different ways. You can mix the mushrooms (Mantarli pilavı), add the chickpeas (Nohutlu pilavı), or end up with rice altogether and use instead cracked wheat (bulgur pilavı). Here are a couple of tasty pilau alternatives for once you have mastered the basics.

Pilav with peas

Pilav recipe and quantities as above

Extra ingredients: 150 g peas

Boil the peas or saute in butter until tender. Follow the recipe for rice up to the point 3. When lowering the heat after boiling, add the peas, stir quickly, and then continue to follow the basic recipe.


Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus) Wedding Festival, Antalya

6:40 am
Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus) Wedding Festival, Antalya



In the 1 st International Santa Claus Festival of the wedding was first realized the wedding in the city of Antalya project has been supported and approved by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Christian couples have married in Santa Claus Church located in Demre, Antalya time for the first time ever. The 10 foreign couples who married in December 10, which is considered a holy day. Couples who were married and celebrated their wedding anniversary have made the pilgrimage as well.



This attractive project is scheduled to take place every year. During the first week of December, we offer you the opportunity to celebrate their wedding, their wedding anniversaries in the organization of the mass wedding held in the land that St. Nicholas (Santa Claus) was born. We would like to share the human love of St. Nicholas, aka Santa Claus, who is believed to have lived in Antalya, Demre and have protected sailors, children, girls of marrying age and was known for good deeds committed. Civil marriage (not religion) second will be held for all couples of 06 December 2010 at the historical museum of Santa Clause in Antalya, Demre. An exquisite celebration will be held to celebrate the wedding community. We have no doubt that this will be the most special day of the couple. 10 to 15 married couples with our professional staff. The couple is free to invite any number of guests at his wedding. Guests who have chosen to visit Demre on these dates are also free to join the wedding celebrations. It will be an honor to serve on this special day!

Saint Nicholas, Santa Claus Wedding Festival

Saint Nicholas, Santa Claus Wedding Festival, antalya

WEDDING FESTIVAL December 1 to 7

December 1 meeting of the wedding party at the airport.
Decorating bus will transfer the couple from the airport to the hotel.
Welcome cocktail at night. The room is decorated in a wedding concept. Restoration: snacks, fruit, cookies and beverages. trio live and acoustic music.

December 2 Free day (the wedding group is eligible for spa, pool and sauna)

December 3 Gelin Hamami Turkish bath (hamam)

December 4 Shopping for wedding
Evening: Turkish-style evening with henna, folk dance çaydaçıra, Asuk-Masuk dance show, a symbolic ceremony of putting henna on the bride’s hand. During the ceremony, Turkish delight and snacks are served.Later at night: go-go dancing at the nightclub of the hotel for the couple.

Local drinks are free, but imported drinks are extra.

December 5 on the day of the wedding
Decorating the tables and chairs in the ballroom of the hotel (candles and candle holders, and real flowers on the tables), horse, tables of couples, brides flowers, fireworks arc small, CD and photo session ( photos above a series of 25 will be at additional cost). Entertainment program and the wedding meal according to the nationality of the wedding. (Drinks will be free local, imported drinks will be at extra cost) One bottle of champagne to celebrate the wedding the bride and groom.

a) The dinner music

b) Live music – internacional

c) Tango dance show, show gypsy dance group Mezdeke

d) 2 sky scanners and 3-minute fireworks and laser show, the brides and grooms’ names are written in heaven, which took place in the garden of the hotel at 12 noon.

e) special entertainment program for children in the mini club, along with a clown

f) Furniture and preparation of the couple’s room with real flowers for the wedding (flowers and champagne in your room)

g) special hairdresser and makeup expert in the project photographer Our bride and groom (to prepare for the wedding) will be shot the couple in the next four days: December 1, welcome cocktail, 04 December, henna night, 05 December, the day of celebration, December 6th civil wedding at the Museum of Santa Claus.

A photo album that contains 25 photos and a CD of the wedding will be given to the couple as souvenirs. The remaining pictures can be purchased by the couple or their clients at an additional cost. Couples are not allowed to use a camera or a camera recorder in the days above.
December 06 trip to the museum of Santa Clause Demre to visit and civil marriage. Special breakfast room to the couple “(room service). A makeup artist and hairdresser will be taken to the hotel for the preparation of the bride.

Brunch for the group between 10.00-10.30 hours will transfer the group Car at 11 am

At the Museum of Santa Claus, a civil wedding ceremony will take place (not religious) and the garden and inside the museum will be decorated accordingly. The couple’s ceremony will take vehicles decorated for the wedding (Ford Focus, Citroen C4, Renault Megane and the private bus driver. The civil ceremony was completed preparations and the wedding official will be presented to Demre. The group Wedding also be transferred to the Museum by bus.

December 7 days Goodbye: Brides and grooms will be transferred to the airport in buses from the agency.