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Thesprotia, Greece

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This fascinating region is located in Thesprotia, in front of the Ionian island of Corfu, and is one of the scenic western Greece.

The capital is Threspotia Igoumenitsa, which is just across the Ionian island of Corfu. Is a natural harbor is one of the main entrances to Greece from Europe.

General Threspotia Brindisi and is a region with a long history, dating back to the year. Today, Igoumenitsa is a popular tourist destination for visitors to Greece. The natural beauty and charm of the region makes many visitors return each time.

From Athens the distance of Igoumenitsa via the bridge over the Rio, about 485 km. Thessaloniki in northern Greece, the distance is about 470 km. During the last year with the construction of new highway Egnantia Odos, with access to Igoumenitsa will be much easier.

If the end of the picturesque Filiates, you can take a pleasant journey, full of beautiful scenery and rich woods. Along the way, we meet an arched stone bridges and Kalamas River, which flows through the area.

If you decide to visit the Souli villages, you will experience beautiful scenery, with nature thriving together against a backdrop of the mountain.

Paramythis traditional village, where you can find comfortable accommodation, warm and hospitable, offering visitors a very genuine and sincere welcome.

In the south of Igoumenitsa, will meet with the people of Glynis and river water sources Aheronta delicious. The landscape here is impressive, and the river and near the Grand Canyon, the area is perfect for those who like to explore.

The beautiful coast of Thesprotia is famous throughout Greece for their own jade waters and beaches of fine sand. The closest is in Igoumenitsa Drepanos any Plataria and Sivota are also wonderful places that you should try to visit.

Igoumenitsa around and around, you’ll find an excellent selection of accommodation, including hotels, apartments, rooms and apartments for rent.

There are many national bus (KTEL) with Athens and Thessaloniki, and the ferry to the port of Patras and the famous islands of Corfu and Paxos Ionian.

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Etoloakarnania, Greece

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The county of Etoloakarnania could be the western most part of Central Greece, and borders to the southeast with Fokida,
and northeast with Evritania. In 2004, the “Rio-Antirio” bridge was completed, connecting Etolaokarnania with the Peloponnese,
thus making a dream that has been dreamed for many years finally become a reality.

This remarkable bridge has made both side rather more available to both, and it has offered a wonderful new a feeling of the
real beauty and charm of such parts of Greece.

Nafpaktos and it’s mountainous villages of Mesologi, Agrinio, and perhaps Amfilohia and Vonitsa, are easily reachable,
setting up a wonderful new choice of useful to reach holiday destinations. The capital city of Etoloakarnania are Mesologi,
that’s located just 34km from Antiro where the bridge is situated. Mesologi is a very historic city called the birthplace of
Charilaos Trikoupis ( a Greek Prime Minister who served for seven terms from 1875 to 1895 ). Kostis Palamas, a famous literature
personality, who wrote the anthem for the Olympics, “Ancient Spirit Immortal”, have also been born here.

Town and also the castle located there, also played an important role in the Greek revolution from the Turks, and resisted
attack for many folks months, called the scene on the heroic exit in the besieged Greek fighters in 1826. Visitors to town
today can observe the “Heroes Garden” with it’s wonderful moments of your Greek and Philhellenes heroes similar to Lord Byron,
who fell fighting for the Greek cause. Visitors may also navigate to the town hall, which operates as a museum, to see a
remarkable number of historical exhibits.

Mesolongi is an important trading city and tourist port, which was built between the openings of two rivers, those of Evinos
and Aheloos. This is the reason for the famous sea-water lake that is found here today, and which has been declared as a national
park, and is protected under specific laws.

Mesolongi offers visitors the chance for wonderful holidays in a very natural and relaxing setting. There are several
tavernas in the area where you can sample some tasty local delicacies such as BBQ eels and fish. Mesolongi is an ideal
base from which visitors can venture outwards and explore some of the other beautiful areas of Etolaokarnania.

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Located 44km south of Mesolongi is the picturesque coastal town of Nafpaktos. The town was known to the Europeans as
“Lepando”, after the large sea battle between the allied forces and the Turkish navy, which took place, and which resulted
in the destruction of the Turkish armadas.

Visitors to Nafpaktos might find the two medieval fortresses that stand on the edge of the harbour and which acted as the
two protectors of the town. Whenever there is a threat of enemy attack, these two fortresses would close up with a very thick
and heavy chain, and block the entrance into the harbour. A walk around the harbour is an enjoyable way to see the remains of
these fortresses, as well as to enjoy a drink at among the cafes dotted round the sea.

The castle that sits above the town and dominates the landscape is a very popular attraction for tourists towards the area.
Visitors can take a stroll up to the castle, and relish the amazing panoramic views out towards the sea.

Nafpaktos is a very charming place to go for holidays in Etolaokarnania, and is well catered for tourism. There is a wide variety
of accommodation in the town and beyond, as well as a insightful interesting restaurants, cafeterias and bars. Nafpaktos is ideal
for visiting throughout the year, and is a well known place for those seeking alternative tourism, along with a place where one can
easily get to grips with nature.

Heading north from the capital of Mesolongi, at a distance of approximately 36km is the town of Agrinio. This is the industrial
and productive center of the region, with the main industry being tobacco cultivation and processing. People to this part of
Etolaokarnania can also pay a visit to the “Kastrik” dam. If you decide to take this trip, you will pass through charming scenery,
full of colour and rich vegetation, and pass along the Aheloos river with it’s charming green islets.

Another place worth visiting is the lake of “Kremeasta”, which is on the route to Karpenisi. There are several truly magnificent
views and scenery if you follow this route.

The picturesque town of Amfilohia includes a wonderful selection of traditional fish restaurants where you can have a very tasty
and freshly prepared meal. Another village worth seeing is that of Vonitsa. Each town and village in Etolaokarnania offer their own
beauties, magic and charm, and the combination of all these elements make the Etoloakarnania region of Central Greece one that is ideal
for holidays. With so much nature beauty, history and interesting sights to see, visitors will always have some thing to do in the region.

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Nafpaktos region of Greece.