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Ephesus in Turkey, Archaeological Evidence

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Ephesus in Turkey, Archaeological Evidence

Ephesus, Turkey also said in Selcuk is one of the most famous archaeological sites of the Mediterranean. In this place there were already numerous ancient presences (Ionians, Lydians, Persians, etc.).. For a time there reigned the famous Croesus. After also part of the reign of Alexander the Great, the city passed the first king of Pergamon, and later the Romans who made it the capital of the province “Asia.”

There were many emperors who built monuments and public buildings. Around the time of Augustus, Ephesus had about 200,000 inhabitants and was certainly one of the major cities of the Roman Empire. Also important from business point of view was the port hours underground. With the advent of Christianity became a major center of new thinking. Among other things, some councils took place in Ephesus and Paul stayed there for some years. In 263 AD, was attacked by the Goths and then went back to Byzantium. In 655 it was badly looted by the Arabs.

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Much of the excavations in Ephesus were conducted by Austrian since 1895. Are important for visitors to the buildings dedicated to Artemis (including what remains of the famous Artemisia), the Gymnasium, the Stadium, the Baths of Constantine, the Library of Celsusand the  Marble Street that runs through most of the archaeological site.

Relevant also Verulano square, the church of San Giovanni and other monuments (some perhaps related to the brief presence dell’egiziana Cleopatra).

Famous Council of Ephesus (431 and 449 AD) took place in the church of Santa Maria, built in the fourth-century and the ruins of this are close to the spa. A few kilometers from the fence of the excavation is finally located a small church built on the ruins of a residence of Mary (see photo in link).

These remains were identified by a priest in the 19th century. Not far from the area of the excavations at Ephesus is finally located a cave called the “seven sleepers” that, according to legends and traditions that date back to the third century, was used by some young people in conflict with the Roman power at the time.

Ephesus is finally one of the seven cities mentioned in the Apocalypse of John (or the Book of Revelation).

At the gates of Ephesus

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Located in a beautiful bay on the west coast of Turkey, Kusadasi literally means “bird island”. Located about 90 km south of Izmir, the city terraces overlooking a beautiful landscape of the Aegean Sea. The beaches are wide and some hotels do not have platforms equipped with sun beds. In about 15 minutes by car, there are several water parks, one of the most popular Aqua Fantasy and Aqua Land is also where you can swim with dolphins. Fun nightlife and shopping in the bazaar with an irrepressible variety. And ‘nice even a walk to the little “Güvercin Adasi” Pigeon Island is now connected to the mainland by a road.
Kusadasi offers a wide variety of excursions to be made in the immediate surroundings.

The most important place to visit Ephesus archaeological site is located approximately 30 minutes by car. Lovers of ancient history will only be spoiled for choice. The visit of Ephesus ancient commercial center, is one of the most extraordinary views that can be made in Turkey. Ephesus was one of the largest Ionian cities in Anatolia, at the mouth of the river Caistro and the 129 was the capital of the Roman province of Asia. Among the ruins, making it one of the most famous archaeological sites in the Mediterranean Sea, are worthy of note is the Temple of Domitian, the library and the amphitheater.

A short distance away, near the ruins of the Basilica of St. John built on his grave, you can see the last column of the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Going up the hill of the Nightingales, is another important place for Christianity, the sanctuary of the Virgin Mary, built on the “House of Mary” where it is believed to have lived the last years.

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Another place of Christian pilgrimage is the Cave of the Seven Sleepers, now revered as saints. It is said that during the Christian persecution of Emperor Decius (250 AD), seven Christian youths of Ephesus were called before a court because of their faith. They refused to sacrifice to idols, were convicted but released at the moment. To avoid re-arrest hid in a cave. Discovered, were walled up in the cave itself. The seven young men slept in their prison awaiting death. They were awakened by the masons who breached the wall, wanted to build a pen. It had been two hundred years and was Malchus fell back into town when he discovered to his amazement of being in a city where Christian symbols were now tolerated. Initially mistaken for a madman, it was finally believed when the bishop and the citizens went to the cave and were able to verify the story.

If you have multiple days, do not miss One Mile, large port ion, Aphrodisias and Pamukkale triumphs when a fairy landscape with thermal waters that have set down on the edges of the plateau formations of stalactites and basins.