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Ephesus, the earliest known town founded in Ionia in Western Anatolia, is located south of Izmir’s Selcuk county. All-time most important centers as one of the. Efes ruins and an archaeological interest in numerous sites in a special importance for getting: It’s priceless artistic patrimony, because the history and culture of its tremendous heritage and endless beauty and archaeological attractions.

Ephesus on the Aegean coast, now found in archaeological excavations at a distance of 8 kilometers, was founded by the sea. For centuries, has in fact expanded over the rubble Menderes alluvial plain surrounding the archaeological site behind the plain truth is actually leaving the Aegean coast.

Root is Greek founders of Ephesus. Meanwhile, the rapid colonization of Asia Minor, and very soon, the new Ion Confederation of cities have moved forward together.

Brutus, Cassius and Cicero the Roman world, such as visiting people held by Ephesus, gave testimony to the importance. Pergammonian during the Hellenistic and Roman periods were continued importance of the city. Which has grown into an important commercial center of the city was in Roman times. Also a city of the Roman Empire was one of the top five. In 17 AD the city following the earthquake has brought terrible. City again, and then Tiberius was built by Hadrian in AD 123.

Ephesus to Christianity during the period of the ancient world such as Alexandria and Antioch became a great metropolis. There was also a city of the seven churches of Asia. John the Apostle, (the church in his name) also is located near Ephesus and was buried. After the Crucifixion of Mary near Ephesus, spent his life believed. To do both events in Christian history of Ephesus, one of the most important places.
Mary, Mother of God as a church council at Ephesus in 453 AD was confirmed by collected.

Which city was burnt down the city’s decline began with the invasion of 262 AD the Goths. Splender was not the same again to reach Ephesus. However, the period of Justinian (6th century), places like the Basilica of St. John, was erected by the Emperor. When the Seljuks occupied the city in 1090 AD, the attractiveness and importance of history came to Ephesus.

Ephesus has great archaeological value in 1869 is the first excavated by an Englishman. Today, the excavations being conducted by the Austrians and the Turks.