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Ephesus Photos, Series 1

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EPHESUS, at the foot of Mount Cores, in the town …

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At the foot of Mount Cores, in the town of Selçuk in Turkey, there are these wonderful ruins of Ephesus.
This sightseeing has become a must for many of the cruises that sail the Aegean Sea heading for Istanbul, and give passengers the option of taking the tour that takes them to disembark in Kusadasi, and moved to Ephesus and Bülbül Mountain, where the House of Virgin Mary (place officially recognized by the Catholic Church), and where it was “assumed into heaven.”
This is a wonderful drive along the site’s natural beauty and history that have been written in its corners.
The ruins of Ephesus dating from the eleventh century A.C. And it was a Greek and then Roman settlement.
Legend has it that at Ephesus, the Roman Emperor Mark Antony captured Cleopatra’s brothers and ordered the slaughter, and during the empire, the city prospered greatly.
In the year 262 D.C. The Goths destroyed part of his tempos and buildings, and since then the city became less important to be abandoned.
In recent years, the ruins are being recovered, leaving important information on the progress achieved in times as old and certainly, displaying the beauty of its art and architecture that still causes great admiration.
Among the most important monuments, is the facade of the Library of Ephesus, Temple of Celsus, Temple of Hadrian, the theater, the Odeon and many sculptural and artistic figures of incalculable value.
In this city was located the Temple of Artemis, considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, but now only survives one of the very famous 120 columns of this temple.
Also in this city lived in San Pablo and she wrote his famous letters, it is also the place where the Apostle John died.
Ephesus offers visitors its great past and present beauty, and is definitely a spot worth visiting.