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Greece Tours

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Greece Tours

Looking for a suitable Greece tour in your holiday? Tempo Holidays give you a number of Greece tours provided by the simplest tour operators in Greece, all built to meet your requirements. Discover the background atmosphere of Greece which has a Tempo Holidays Greece tour, tailored for your requirements. Our selection of Greece tours offers you great flexibility in planning your holiday.

Whilst in Greece, why not capitalize on our Greece tour range?

Greece’s extensive history, timeless legends, classical architecture and ancient civilization are consistent visitor draw cards. The Greek mainland lies at the tip of the Balkan Peninsula, and dozens of islands dot the seas to the west, east and south. The sea has shaped the country’s background and way of life. Modern Greek is the official language, however English is widely spoken, making Greece even more welcoming to tourists!

If you want to see all the sights Greece and its surrounding areas have to offer, join one of Tempo Holidays Greece package tours and be taken to the most exciting sites around with all the ease and convenience that a Tempo Holidays Greece tour can supply. The Greece tours available through experienced tour operators offer the avid traveller a feast of possibilities to tempt all tastes.

Whatever you choose to do and see on your holiday, Tempo Holidays Greece tour options will ensure you don’t miss what the location has to offer. Save time and book your Greece tours online before you travel. Booking your Greece holiday tour before your trip will provide you with peace of mind upon arrival in this beautiful location.

On Greece tours, you not only enjoy the wonderful warmth that comes from vacationing in a Mediterranean climate, but you experience the warmth of the Greek people, so proud of their rich heritage and traditions. The birthplace of so many things we might take for granted in the Western world, such as modern-day democracy, theater, even the Olympics, Greece has an undeniably important history.

Greece vacations typically combine a stay on the mainland – after all, Athens has a international airport — as well as visits to its enchanting islands. Athens, recorded history dates back 3,000 years, so naturally this capital city may be a treasure chest of historically and culturally significant ruins. The most important architectural sightseeing stop is the Acropolis, with its famous Parthenon, that has been built in honor with the goddess Athena between 447 and 438 B.C.

The preferred Greek islands for visitors include Santorini, Mykonos and Rhodes. From ancient archaeological sites on the plethora of beaches, active volcanoes to white adobe architecture hugging seaside cliffs, the islands of Greece beckon visitors with the much to determine and do.

But wherever spent your Greece tour, make sure you seek out a lot of the savory cuisine. Seafood dishes reign supreme, as there are also the ubiquitous “Greek salad,” made with cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, feta cheese and olives, and also tzatiki, a cucumber-yogurt dip served with bread. The national liquor is ouzo, a licorice-flavored drink, and wines are drunk with most meals here. Wine is comparatively cheap, so have fun sampling a lot of the locally produced varieties !

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