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Greek Goddesses, Artemis

diana artemis, artemis greek goddess of the hunt, artemis goddess of the moon, artemis temple, artemis and apollo

Artemis could be a super sexy boy girl virgin goddess. Like a virgin, his means of coming to that stage in life where you get the most popular bachelor titillatingly still prohibited. He was a complete Daddy’s Girl, and dedicated to the use precociosity all the gods, sat on the knees of Zeus’, not long after his birth, and called for its long list of things to his word not to force him to marry. Unlike Athena, she is very committed to his mother Leto and his plea for help Artemis as the “Arrow-versa.” He needs to spend time running through the woods as a hunter he was, but still moved to defend themselves against the various gods and giants. Artemis was a strong protector of young women and in many cases, young people, but it is expected that the perfection of followers, and his punishment for those who do not meet the expectations were often fatal.

Artemis (and his twin brother, Apollo) was the daughter of the goddess Leto and Zeus. Interesting note, which rose to a quail. However, Hera was not very happy with her husband, Zeus, to play with him so, and sent all kinds of horrible things after Leto (as a horsefly and a dragon fear / snake called Python. She has also designed a decree Leto was not allowed to sit anywhere on the continent Leto. Poor Ortigia finally, the birthplace of Artemis. Artemis was a girl really, because when she was born, she saw her mother in pain, and helped Leto in the narrow between Ortigia and Delos. There, amid an olive palm and date (the two sacred trees of the Egyptians and Palestinians Lat Leto), Artemis has been the midwife as her brother Apollo were born. They say that the birth of Apollo, Delos was a floating island, but the boy has been spilled on the sand, the island grew roots and has been corrected.

But even then, prohibit Eileithyia Hera, the goddess of childbirth, to get to her. Finally, the gods Hera buy a beautiful necklace, and went to Eilithyia Leto. Some stories say that Artemis, the first-born, a birth was relatively easy, but certainly not his brother. And then, immediately after his birth, Artemis has been midwife to his mother, and after nine hours, his brother in the world. So since then, Artemis has been considered a protector of childbirth.

There are other versions of the birth (not always). This is the most accepted, but there are other things. Some say that Apollo was born underground. Homer said he was born in Lycia. Ephesians say he was born in Ortigia (near Ephesus) and two random other countries will claim as their son too. It is much loved is Apollo. Artemis has a reference in the previous myth. Originally (before the Greek myth), Artemis was a goddess orgy – and that the quail was her sacred bird. The island of Ortigia (Quail Island) was the resting place for flocks of quails, and who migrated north in spring.

The realization of Artemis

Artemis was the goddess of a self-made. As a child, he put on around her father Zeus’ and asked him to support him in his plan is a huntress goddess, and to live in the mountains. He asked the nine-sixty years (remember? Virginity!) Oceanides his entourage from the river nymphs Amnisos eight pm. He does not care about the city, but he ..? took them anyway also reiterated a previous commitment to help women during childbirth Next stop bow and arrow was the Cyclops, to enable them to him, and were silver and spectacular, and they did the equivalent of an archer her brother that did not stop there!. though. He went to Pan, the god of the forest-Y-like, and gave him his hunting dogs. goddess “home-grown ever.

Artemis Bad Side

Although Artemis is a beginning sweet and loving, and, indeed, would have loved the most effective, could be very cold and ruthless. This is a feature very similar to God that every God and Goddess (except Hestia) is visible at some point. A well-known story of his personality is cool to make the hunter Actaeon. This story, which, incidentally, has a longer and better written version of the myth pages. But I digress. Thus, Artemis had just had a long day of hunting, and it was sweaty and gross, and ready for a swim. This was in the woods in the holy pond, and it was very likely that someone will come upon you. But people Actaeon family had no luck, and he did just that. Now, everyone knows that if you see the naked goddess (except when Aphrodite, and he invites you to see him naked) getting away, and I pray that he does not even notice. But either Actaeon was not very bright or he was so charmed with her beauty that moves. What I was looking at.

Bad idea. Artemis heard, turned, and in a rage threw water on him. As the drops hit thre, it was transformed into a deer. Thereupon whistled Artemis for his dogs, and they ripped off their unfortunate gentleman outside.


diana artemis, artemis greek goddess of the hunt, artemis goddess of the moon, artemis temple, artemis and apollo

Loyalty Leto

Artemis and her brother was passionate. And a person they both loved high, beyond the other (their band was almost comletely unbreakable), was their mother Leto. The twins loved and defended their mother with great passion and woe to a god or mortals who offended. Such a woman named Niobe. Now, I have little pity for Niobe, because she was just stupid. She had the audacity to complain loudly that people were paying too much respect for Leto. She cried that Leto had only two children, where she had seven boys and seven girls. Hmmmm. Not long, smart girl. When they heard the twins came home from Apollo and all the boys with his golden arrows of extreme pain. Artemis shot the girls with her silver arrows without pain, and they are all on their beds and died. Some stories say that the youngest daughter, Chloris, was spared, but we do not know why. Niobe weeping uncontrollably, and I think some kind of god has turned into a rock.

Do not insult Goddes

Like most goddesses, Artemis was not a happy camper when she was insulted. It is generally a good rule to follow that one must not offend the gods by calling them names or even comparing themselves to their beauty, skill, or anything else. The same thing applies to most nymphs. A silly example, the name chione, bore the punishment for having dared to look at Diana. She asked Apollo to say she was more beautiful than the goddess. It would not (wise), but Artemis chione discovered and shot. She was also killed Ethem not to sacrifice for her. Another example is when a guy forgot to sacrifice to her, and she sent Calydon boar to devastate everything. A young girl named gerana has been transformed into a crane to talk smack.

Protect of Maidens ?

There are 2 versions of this story, but best known and widely accepted version is pretty ugly. It has to do with Iphigenia. We have already made clear, I think, NOT to piss off a goddess, and the father of Iphigenia, Agamemnon (see in blockbusters such as The Iliad, or bad, but entertaining depicted in Troy), apparently ignored the rules very important and shooting a deer expert, said that even Artemis could do better! Bad choice. In addition, grandfather of Iphigenia welched on a victim, he should do (lack of respect throughout this family!) So it did not help things. Anyway, time passes, and the Trojan War is about to start our own conduct by Agamemnon. Then it starts, then shit hits the fan. Sea going crazy (depending on who tells the story, there is no wind or a hurricane is crazy) and it becomes clear that Artemis is a response to their leader.

Agamemnon has to sacrifice Iphigenia, more or less, and send him (tell him she will marry Achilles attractive) to die. Now, look, it seems very problematic for me because there is this goddess must protect virgin dew? The Greeks were divided on this issue. Some say she died true to the last she was to marry Achilles. Some say that Artemis had transformed into Hecate. And some say that the very last second, Artemis replaced the body of the girl with a stag Iphigenia, and left as a minor goddess. Really, it’s hard to tell, but it is easy to see that Artemis was a lot of different opinions and has no dead flowers.

Orion and Artemis

I will not tell the whole story of Orion here, because there are many myths associated with it. Instead, I will not discuss his relationship with Artemis. In my favorite version, Artemis is starting to dig with Orion cousin Hunter is like super-man Now, Orion was sleeping with Eos -. That was known to dig the man now – and Apollo was worried about the chastity of his sister and Artemis began to fear that it would also be taken as Eos. In reality it does not seem to be the case, but Apollo was jealous, so he went and built with Gaia to send this big scorpion after him crazy. Now some say that this animal has only agreed to be too much for Orion and killed him (and that Artemis was angry for a while, but relented when Apollo has helped to hang Orion in the sky). Another version said he fled Orion Scorpio – or rather, swimming from the Eos island, “hoping that the goddess of the dawn would protect him.

But as Apollo told his sister that the figure was floating at sea was a crook who had seduced one of her priestesses. He was challenged to hit the object pump. She did and killed his friend know. She tried to resuscitate him Asclepius, Zeus destroyed but before he had the chance. And thus ended Artemis romance just before he could begin.

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