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Heracles Labors

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There are tons of stories of Heracles (Hercules is the Latin name, and I hate mixing of languages), but we focus on (almost) of his twelve labors here. It’s a bit ‘strange how it all began. Understanding this, you need to know a few things. Need to know, for example, who was the son of Zeus and Alcmene, and you should know that, Zeus, Hera was very jealous of his wife. Knowing that this story could not understand how it all started (so it’s a good thing just explained, eh?).

This guy named Alcide was a great bulky macho guys, the kind who oppose arms control and likes to shoot animals and wear. He hunted a lot. That day he had completed his kill for the day, and made his home, he heard some warnings Erginus this guy (King of the Minoans) come to Thebes to collect tribute. Unfortunately for the heralds, Alcides LOVED Thebes, so they never went to Thebes. Alcides Instead of killing them and sent back the messengers poor Erginus with their hands, ears and nose ropes tied around the neck with a “hope you enjoy your celebration, Thebes love” note attached as well. Erginus was mighty pissed and left immediately with his invading army to Thebes, but Alcides was armed with weapons of Athena and was responsible for the forces of Thebes, so they sent Erginus killed and sent to their cry Minoans families.

Thebes was so grateful for that Alcides King Creon offered his daughter Megara to the hero. He married her and they had three son. Life seemed good for Alcides Alcides was the illegitimate son because Zeus and Hera was pissed and took him temporarily healthy. In his madness he burned his children, his wife and even his sister-in-law children killed in a fire. When he recovered from his insanity and realized what he had done, he was exiled and went straight to the oracle at Delphi. Well, no, not this guy named Thespius (a king of fifty daughters, who “lured” the poor guy to sleep with them all) cleaned him for the crime, but then he went straight to Delphi. Oracle has a number of things, but the first thing she did was to call him “Hercules” – have been wondering how Alcides related to the history of the work of 12? Want to know how this correlates with the work of 12 years? Just give it a second longer.

However, if the oracle named Hercules (ironic, since it means “Glory of Hera”) and told him to repair his crimes, it must pass Tiryns and serve Eurystheus for twelve years and 10 to perform the work would be needed . (What? Ten? I thought you said twelve? Do not worry, everything will be fine.)

Heracles has undergone some rights more guilt, and immediately accepted. In addition, there was a definite upside down on what the Oracle said, he said, after the one in which his task was finished, he would become immortal. Woo-hoo! When it came to Tiryns, had not even unpacked their bags when the king Eurystheus came all the Sly and the smug smile, and asked the hero to take back the skin of the Nemean Lion. Now, you’re probably thinking, hmmm, a lion – which should not be too difficult for a hero – just shoot, but it was not easy to hide a lion was invulnerable, nothing could get to it – was the son of Typhon and Echidna. But it is so slow to Heracles? No, we just took him months to track a creature, and when he did not waste time with the arrows, has just choked. When Heracles was heard Eurystheus the skin back, hid in a bronze jar until Heracles had left for his next mission: to kill the Hydra of Lerna.

Hydra was a great – it was a huge amount, and nine heads – eight of them fatal, but the middle one was immortal (Of course, even then, people do not know that). When Heracles had pulled out of the cave by pouring the arrows of fire, when it came out, tried to deal with it, as he was with the lions, but the Hydra same wound around the feet of the hero and brought him out of balance. Heracles tried to hit the heads of his club, but when he went to one, there arose two! Then came the crab, and some ‘leg (Hera was clearly enjoying this show, and I thought it was right to do a little’ more interesting). But Heracles finished on that side in a hurry, he killed the crab without looking back, and then called the driver, car, Iolaus. Iolaus lit a torch and when Heracles threw down the head, Iolaus is the brand name very quickly, so that nothing can grow. Heracles finally immortal head from the club. When he did, he carefully buried under a large rock.

But the separation between the body and open Heracles and used as poison for their arrows bile advice. Then went home. He told the story to Eurystheus great – but the king was a child and a trusted man of Hera, said he did not because Iolaus helped.

Moving right along, following in the list of Heracles was to bring back the deer Cerynitian and Mycenae. This range has golden horns and was sacred to the goddess Artemis, while Heracles tried to be very careful not to kill or injure. Monitoring and hunted deer for a year until she finally met her just before crossing the river Ladon. He shot him (not kill) put on his shoulders and tried to leave Acadia as fast as he could – but Artemis and Apollo, saw him and stopped. They took the deer to him and rebuked him for trying to kill her sacred animal. He explained the situation of Eurystheus, and Artemis forgave him and allowed him to take the deer back to Mycenae CARE.

After that, Heracles took a break to join Jason and the Argonauts in their quest for the Golden Fleece, but did not stay for the adventure and soon returned to Tiryns. There Eurystheus said that man get rid of those pesky birds that feed on birds called Stymphalian. Now, see, little birds, right? Except for all of their real danger was not on all flights that breathes – that’s what their feathers and beaks and claws of brass. The most common of the people who killed the pen fell on them and shit in them (her shit was poisoned, Dontcha know). Anyway, it was so difficult to Heracles, and Athena helped him by giving a pair of castanets of brass. The sound of castanets Wig high likkle birdies, and took the air, where Heracles killed them quickly.
Now, at this stage, Eurystheus was a little annoyed by the tactics of the total killed by Heracles without pulling anything, and has already passed. The next task was assigned to Heracles to clean the stables. But not only stable, stables housed thousands of cattle and had not been cleaned in 30 years. They were so horrible that had been made infertile pastures of the Peloponnese. So wrong. But Heracles was imperturbable. Even agreed to do everything in one day! But first, he spoke Augean give a tenth of the cattle as payment for work. Thinking he was in good standing, Heracles did not even bother to get their hands dirty, just diverting two rivers through the stables, and even washing over the distant pastures. Rather pleased with himself, he went and asked Augean your payment – but Augean had spoken to Eurystheus, and refused to pay claiming that he had to do it anyway.

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Heracles was angry, but at least he had finished another job. So he returned to Eurystheus. But Eurystheus was discussed and he knew how Augean Heracles had done it. The argument, which allows the rivers was a hoax, does not count as work.

Now we have already explained that Heracles had serious anger management problems, and Eurystheus was the kind of poor, and Heracles was pretty scary. Then, just Eurystheus sent Heracles, far away. The seventh labor was in Crete – a certain distance from Tiryns. Now, personally I would have been a bit ‘dazed and the next – but Hercules does not seem to care. The task was to describe the Cretan bull, which, moreover, that the fire-breathing, and the collection abound, and everything that was also around this Freaky-deaky what “relationship” going with the Queen of Crete, which has led to a Minotaur. It is really important for this story, but we all have a moment of yuck. Ok, back to the story. After some problems, Heracles captured the wild boar and brought it back to Tiryns, as well. Once hidden in a shrine of Herakles Eurystheus set until the green light for wild boar.

The urn, Eurystheus squeaked the work was to capture the mares after the king of Thrace. It was not just something bitter between the kings – was also a terrible job, cuz these four belonged to the mares Diomedes, who was a son of Ares, and fed his mares in the flesh of his unfortunate guests do not know anything better. Way, Heracles stopped and saved Alceste (the dying wife of his friend King Admetus) of Death. Then, continuing his journey, he stole horses – Diomedes was however – who aspired to it, because Heracles and stuck in a moment of poetic justice, it feeds to their horses. Then take advantage of the horses (which had never been used) and pushes Tiryns. That Eurystheus dedicated to Hera – because he was like, the biggest suck-up ever – and let the horses roam on Mount Olympus.

Subsequent work has been the most distant and gloomy again. Eurystheus sent Heracles that he should bring back a gold sword belt (called a tape – but I do not think that a whale bone, and air – I think I kick your ass if you get my face), and Ares, which is happened to be owned by Amazon Queen. So out of Heracles has crossed Asia Minor and the Black Sea and the Amazon came to the country. There, he met with Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons. Now, Hercules has been completely torn, and all macho and stuff, and Hippolyta was completely torn, and all the macho stuff, too! It was like a match made in heaven. Ippolita he really dug (especially when all the boys were all around wusses). She loved him so much, he had no problem giving him the belt as “love-gift.” But Hera, who were not satisfied with the way in which Heracles was the Speed ​​”through hard work, fell between the other Amazons presumably one of them and I told them I was going to rob Heracles, Hippolyta.

Amazon flipped out and attacked Heracles and his ship. Heracles, thinking that Hippolyta had betrayed him, killed the queen and had a belt. Then he killed the Amazons, and headed home. This story depresses me and makes me really really really hate Hera. If you feel as bad as I am, you should go to Amazon and respect for the brave women, reading their names and their stories. Okay. I am an idiot. Back to the story.

Eurystheus gave the belt to his daughter, Admetus, and then directed to Heracles, Spain, steal the cattle Geryon. Geryon was pretty cold, even if it looks scary (he had three baskets), but declined to people messing his cattle. Well, Heracles went, stopping only to erect the pillars on both sides of the Strait of Gibraltar (which is now called the Rock of Gibraltar) and the gesture truly extraordinary, memorable, but,. When he reached the place of Geryon, Eurytion (Geryon’s servant and the son of Ares), attacked him, and two-headed Geryon Orthrus dog. They are not long enough to Orthrus barking. Heracles took them back to his ship (which was great this cup of gold, which Helios, the sun god), I cited as Geryon attacked. Heracles turned and shot an arrow through all three of his body, turned and drove the cattle. House voyage of the ship a little disgusting.

It was long and boring – but there were some nice banks leave during which he alone a nation defeated in battle, killed a giant, and founded Rome. So the best bull swam away, and had to chase and steal and kill again this king, who was the better boxer and wrestler in the world until Heracles killed him in a fight.

Back at home, work Eurystheus ordered two more (because the two have been “reduced”). On the eleventh labor, Eurystheus sent our hero to the West in the world to fly three golden apples from the tree that Gaia gave Hera as a wedding gift. Heracles went, but before you can get apples, we had to find the Garden. Heracles went to sea and called Nereus (the sea god Poseidon who came before) and asked him to give instructions (well, at least he asked). Nereus said the Atlas will do it for him. So he went and found the Atlas in the vault of heaven on his shoulders. Poor guy. However, if Hercules and Atlas asked for a long time accepted as Heracles killed the dragon (Ladon) protection of the garden. He did, and walked past three Hesperides Atlas guard and returned. However, the Atlas would not go to heaven and think of something to Heracles, who offered to take the apples to Eurystheus new to him.

Heracles kindly agreed, but complained that the sky was friction, and could only take it for a moment, then put a pillow? Of course, the Atlas seconds had on his shoulders, Heracles went with apples. Atlas poor. Anyway, so on the way back, Heracles found a giant and slew him, and saved to eternal suffering Titan Prometheus (who had a history of 30,000 years). Then, back home, gave the apples to Eurystheus – but Eurystheus did not want them because they were Hera and can only exist in the garden. Heracles gave it to Athena, who returned to the Garden of the Hesperides.

There was only one task left – but it was the most dangerous (and unnecessary) for all. Eurystheus demanded the three-headed dog of Hades, Cerberus. Heracles went down, forcing their way and the dog. While there, he freed Theseus (former boyfriend), the President of oblivion. He also under the rock he was imprisoned under Ascalaphus Demeter (who had ratted to the seeds of Persephone pomegranet). Heracles explained his mission in Hades, he said he said he should feel free to take the dog – until you have used all weapons. It may surprise you – but he did! Anyway. He was the last work, with the ultimate goal, so was his penance more – not to mention getting their immortality. And Heracles!

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