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Greek Beaches, Kamares

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Kamares may be the port of Sifnos, but it is also one of the nicest places to live because of its long beach, lush valley, good restaurants and cafes, and the fact that the bins are generally not long enough Kamares to appear as a “door”. When you leave the ferry in a quiet (but not too quiet), the fishing village that has a taste of tourism, but not enough to make you feel like you’re in Mykonos or San Tropez.

Kamares you can get buses to all other peoples, or stay here and enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches and some of the best restaurants on the island. As you leave the ferry, you can follow the procession in the city. The main street is the road to the port with its restaurants, cafes, shops and hotels on one side of the street, tables and chairs and the bay on the other. There are few supermarkets, a tourist information office, the office of the Aegean Thesaurus, Stavros Hotel on your left and then a long sandy crescent shaped with the small village of Agia Marina on the other side.

Kamares anexcellent a place for families to stay because everything is so convenient. You can sit in restaurants and cafes and watch the children play on the beach a few meters away from you. The bay of Kamares is a sheltered bay and is a day long is very rare that there are no waves. Combine this with the fact that the beach is surprisingly low and it takes a long time to get to where the water is above your head and you’ll know if you are a parent, then this is the place to go to Greece, because who wants to spend their holidays in the care of their children playing on the beach? E ‘for this reason, a lot of guys on the beach, another good reason to come, because as all parents know the best way to keep children happy is to have other children around. Plus shallow bay to ensure that the water is warmer because it is easier than the sun heats up.

Greece is an interesting selection of restaurants, including a pizzeria and an excellent Italian restaurant. Moreover, in the form of hamburger fast-food and souvlakis available for children who have not made the transition from a nice cafe greek diet.The called Kima, (photo) is on the beach with tables and chairs in the sand a few steps from the beach. Overshadowed by trees is a great place to sit and read and relax while the kids play in the ocean. Kyria Eleni, and his beautiful daughter, serves breakfast, ice cream, fruit yogurt, honey and nuts, an island staple. When it’s time to just go have lunch next to the Captain Andreas Fish Taverna, and you can call the children from time to time to savor a bite of fresh fish, before rushing back into the game. Add a little ‘of retsina, and who says that a parent is hard work?

Cars and motorbikes are available for rent shop lovable George Podotas the road behind the beach or with his group of office Podotas between the church and Stavros Cafe. You can also rent cars Stavros Stavros Hotel just a port or Aegean Thesaurus Travel, who can organize boat trips around the island. In the evening, the door met for sailboats and yachts and the sea, these men tend to make their way to Kamares and spend an entertaining evening to secure the good food and wine to get their feet back.The restaurants all excellent and the atmosphere can be a night of celebration. Many people who come to Kamares have done so for many years and a night of Old Captain bar may seem a time of meeting of the school.

Andy Grove Willer and Hervey, Kamares, Sifnos, Greece there are two monasteries in the mountains above the village. Is Agios Spyridon and the other is Profitt Ilias. You can drive to within a few hundred meters, if you rent a jeep, or you can climb the cliff, if you are young and fit. It takes about an hour and will be sore for a few days later, but you have a wonderful sense of accomplishment. Bring some bread cheese and wine and remember to water well. If you’re lucky, you’ll be there in a panagiri when the islanders make their way up the mountain to a Mass, followed by food, music, wine and spirits, which can last until dawn. Each time you go the view is spectacular.

Sunday Rivithia a day when all the restaurants that serve delicious stew of chickpeas, which is a specialty of the island (see below), but get there early if you can not lose. Another specialty lines keftedes rivithia falafals delightful. The fish is abundant, but can be expensive if you order gopes or fried calamari (kalamarakia), which originates near the Monterey Bay in California. Captain Andreas fish soup is a delicious restaurant on the beach.

For real entertainment, you can do what I do and bring a bottle of wine on the wall above the wharf and watch the ferry boats at night in the bay. This is a beautiful view you can feel nostalgic when you finally get home. It’s also fun to watch the comings and goings of people. Although I still sometimes all summer, most people stay here for about a week. Sometimes when I meet people after they have left to go to other islands, Sifnos, they say: “We should have stayed. Sifnos is the best. “See the art ferry Watching”.

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The own sea in the port. The beach is about a quarter mile stretch of sand that starts in the town of Kamares Agia Marina and walk with a small grove of trees in the middle and a row of trees along the edge of the shadow. Although nude bathing is not officially practiced on the beach, most people do anyway in the less populated parts of the beach. Women generally go where they want topless on the beach and nobody cares. (Less than all my friends and me). The right picture is the view of one of the apartments Alkyonis Villas, one of the finest places to stay in Kamares.

The this side is called Kamares Agia Marina. Some of the best swimming is on the rocks just beyond that and no one cares if you can not put on her bathing suit. There are few restaurants on this side you can go to eat if you remember to bring your bathing suit before doing it again. There are also rooms to rent here and is a little quieter after the next Kamares, the more it is a beautiful walk along the beach in the city. There are several churches in Agia Marina is worth the walk and the Snack Bar Madness is a good place for a strike and a cosmopolitan menu is a bit more than traditional extablishments. Argiris Taverna, owned by former police Sifnos, right on the small dock at Agia Marina is considered by some as the best in Kamares.

On the other side of the wharf area known as Spilia where there is a small pier, you can dive. Spilia is an ideal place to spend time because you can see the ferries come and go. Keep an eye on the waves when they do! Beyond Spilia is a rocky beach, then you can bathe on the rocks and probably spend days without seeing another person. There are ruins of a loading ramp at a time when there were iron mines here in a hundred years ago. The snorkeling is very good in this area, including the jetty that protects the dock is full of caves and fish so big that you wonder why nobody has yet made. You can dive along the coast throughout the ruins of the 19th century the loading dock.

Patios are on either side of the bay. We are in the main square and another across the valley. There is a very nice basketball court behind the school. Nothing like a little one on one when it’s 98 degrees to get your adrenelin goes. Seriously, at dusk, you can participate in some pretty decent pick-up games and you never know who may appear there.I have to play against Panayiotis Yannakis their choice on a visit to Sifnos and had a year of Sophia Constantinides my team. Also played volleyball on the beach in July and August, when the beautiful old clock with the network and the ball.

If you like to walk through the paths of the valley, passing farms and animals, fruit trees and old stone walls. The best time to do it is late afternoon or early morning. You can follow the trail to the river bed almost as Apollonia. Remember to wear long trousers, because of the sticker bushes and the construction of the road are many paths it has fallen into disuse. You can walk all the way up the valley, a dam burst a few years ago, winter storm.

Kamares is usually a quiet day, except when the ferry comes into play then is like a small town about twenty minutes, especially on Sundays, when the Athenians, who were here during the late weeks I have to go back to work. Then you’re lucky if you find a place of coffee an hour before the ships set sail. When the ship blows its horn every increase in their chairs and walk towards the pier to get to know a lot of time to get there when the ship starts to slow down the process of backing up the plate and truck loading and unloading.

Don’t discourage noise and chaos of your arrival. Before you know it everyone is a fan around the island and the city is quiet again. Friday night is the wildest of Athens, when two ferries arrive almost simultaneously with every weekend. Hydrofoils and catamarans to move a bit ‘faster than the ferry and if you want to take it is better to be the platform when it comes in. Remember to buy almond biscuits Sifnos from the oven before get a boat. They make great gifts if you do not eat them all the way home.

Isa Bey Mosque , Kusadasi-Turkey

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Isa Bey Mosque is one of the finest examples of Seljuk architecture, situated below the basilica of San Juan. The mosque was built by the son of Syrian architecture Ali al-master Damishki Mushimish between 1374 and 1375. The mosque was designed in an asymmetrical, unlike in traditional style, location of windows, doors and domes do not match on purpose. At the entrance of the mosque is an inscription of the god adorns the door. The columns inside the house of prayer have been the ruins of Ephesus, making an interesting contrast to the mosque. The vaults are decorated with turquoise and blue china, which reveals the characteristics of Ottoman style. the doors of the Crown as late Seljuk architectural style combined with the many features of special architectural style. The mosque was repaired in 1934.

The mystical atmosphere of “Isa Bey Mosque” should be known by the excursion around this region.

How to get there? Isa Bey Mosque is located 18 km. north of Kusadasi, on the left side of the entrance of Selcuk. Kusadasi – Selcuk minibuses departures every 15 minutes from Kusadasi.