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Greek Island Cruises

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Greek Island Cruises

A Greek Island Cruises needs you to probably the most beautiful and fascinating ports on this planet, including Corfu, Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes, Crete, Olympia and more. You’ll discover lovely beaches, white-washed buildings and blue-domed churches as you go along, plus magnificent antiquities and ruins of ancient civilizations. Shoppers will also love Greek Islands cruises, for the reason that country’s low priced of living means rock-bottom prices for some website visitors.

Often Greek Islands cruises incorporate a few other ports from the Mediterranean just like Istanbul or Venice. The prime Greek Islands luxury cruise period lasts from May by means of November. Greek Islands cruises usually vary from 7 to 21 nights. If you have to fly a long distance to reach your port of departure, we suggest that you arrive at the port city not less than one or 2 days in advance of your Greek Islands cruise. This might provide time for it to rest and get oriented before boarding the ship. Most cruise companies offer pre-cruise hotel packages.

Greeks have long been known for their innovation and ingenuity. With surroundings so beautiful, there’s no wonder these folks were inspired to arrive at such amazing achievements far before others did. Through the original Olympics to the famous aqueducts to elegant walled cities, Greek Island cruises bring you face to face with ancient world’s people on other cruises can merely read about.


Climbing the Acropolis in Athens is a must-do event. The gorgeous atmosphere additionally, the prize in conjunction with the summit help you stay intrigued as you walk uphill after which climb the steps bringing about this amazing sight. As soon as you occur, you will find yourself accompanied by the Parthenon, originally constructed while in the fifth century B.C. This “upper city” housed many of the most sacred buildings in Athens because of its secure location


greek island cruises

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A fashionable mixture of modern easiness and ancient ruins, Santorini belongs to the top destinations for the people taking Greek Island cruises. That has a vast volcano encompassed by modern luxuries (restaurants, bars, shopping), natural beauty is outdone through the premium amenities. What some may describe as a “painted city,” Santorini is exclusive which consists of pastel-colored buildings and roofs. Greek Island cruise lines help you glance in the mountainside, you catch shades of terracotta, blue, yellow and gray that creates a wonderful scene. The stunning beaches and classic galleries and wineries include much on the culture of Santorini.


A substantial island full of contradictions, Crete offers the hustle and bustle of the modern city along with inner cities dotted with antique buildings and stunning architecture. Just a few of the highlights include secluded beaches, standard villages and breathtaking gorges. İn the “bottomless lake” of Agios Nikolaos on the olive groves of Sitia on the busy city of Chania, you will find a non-stop list of matters to attend to that may keep you busy for the days or week.

Map of Greece

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Map of Greece

Maps of Greece, from the Greek island complexes as well as maps of each Greek island happen to be added to this guide to allow it to be more complete.

Having traveled a lot, I be aware of importance of carrying a map when visiting a tropical. But I also understand how useful it is to have a look at the island’s map when planning your trip. Not to mention that it may sometimes get difficult to find a good map of the Greek islands on the net!

Therefore I have used the Google maps application to locate for you all the Greek islands. Without any search, you can use the interactive and updated map of Greece below and those of the islands. Not only at their physical version, but also satellite and hybrid maps are available. What I like at these maps is that firstly, everyone you will find in this site is printable. Secondly, with your mouse only these maps of the Greek islands become interactive and you will find the nearby islands! (something a regular map cannot provide)

Greece Maps is a section proposing maps of the different regions of Greece and the Greek Islands. This section proposes maps of Greece, its several regions and for every region a map of every location. You can access to the maps of Greece by using the links bellow.
Some of the popular maps viewed are: Santorini map, Mykonos map, Paros, Naxos, Zakynthos, Corfu, Kefalonia , Skiathos, Rhodes, Crete, Kos.

The objective of this book is two – fold: to acquaint the visitor with the history, culture, long tradition, lores and the beauty of this captivating land called “Hellas / Greece”, on the other hand, to provide relevant information in order to make this tour as exciting, exhilarating, enjoyable and as worry-free as possible. It has been designed to accommodate by presenting facts and recommendations necessary to anyone visiting a foreign country (i.e., a summary of Greece’s long history, everything needed to communicate in the native tongue and all that is required for a wonderful, indeed unforgettable journey). Bon voyage!

Greece is situated at the most southerly part of the Balkan peninsula and also the east of the Mediterranean sea. From the north Greece borders with Albania FYROM and Bulgaria. From the east it borders with the European part of Turkey. To the west of Greece is the Ionian Sea and to the east is the Aegean Sea. To the south is the Libyan Sea ,see more information about the Geography of Greece about the lakes, rivers and mountains of Greece ,details of the geomorphology of Greece you can find at the Physical map of Greece. The coast line of Greece is 13,676 km therefore having a the longer coastline in the Mediterranean. .Most of the Greek islands and islets located in the Aegean sea, while a small amount of islands are in the Ionian Sea.

Surrounded by the Mediterranean sea in 3 parts Greece has as a result a mild climate with dry summers and mild winters. Greece’s strategic position between 3 continents Europe, Asia and Africa had as a result because the Antiquity being an important cultural and commercial centre. This strategic position was also the cause of many wars that Greece needs to face with lots of conquerors during its 3000 many years of history, beginning with the Persian wars, the Romans and later the Venetians and the Ottomans
Greece is divided into 13 regions or peripheries. East and West Macedonia with Thrace in the north and north west ,Epirus within the north west with Thesally and Sterea Ellas with Evia at the center ,the Peloponesse in the south, the Ionian islands in the west and the Aegean islands (Cyclades ,Dodecanesse) with the north Aegean islands in the east and north east. At the southern tip lies the largest island of Greece Crete see more at the Political map of Grece. Details of the historical cities and regions of Greece you’ll find in the map of Ancient Greece. .

Greece generally isn’t dense inhabited, with a total surface of 132 000 km², Greece has a population around 11,000,000 inhabitants. The reason behind that’s that most of the Greek mainland is mountainous with some plateaus in Thessaly, Macedonia and Thrace along with a large number of the country includes islands. Therefore most of the population of Greece is targeted in the big urban centres with Athens and it is greater area and Piraeus to achieve the 1 / 3 of the Greek population followed by Thessaloniki , Patras, Heraklion and Larissa.

Greece is relatively a youthful country which was created after the war of Independence in 1821. The independent state of Greece was established in 1832 with the Constantinople treaty. Greece at the time had the Peloponnesus, the Cyclades and Sporades islands and the a part of Sterea Hellas from Arta to Volos. After almost 116 years finally Greece got its final shape and borders following the unification from the Dodecanese in 7th of March 1948

During the last 25 years Greece continues to be developed very fast in all type of sectors, industry, finance, social services and quality of life. As a member of the european countries Greece today having a GDP of 308,7 billion $, belongs to the 25 high income countries and also the top 25 most civilized world around the globe, holding the position 22 of the very best standards of living and excellence of life. One of the main factors of the Greek economy is a lot like inside the Ancient years its marin business and tourism.

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