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Arcadia, Greece

9:24 pm

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Arcadia is a mountainous country with rivers flowing rivers, deep gorges, high Frankish, Byzantine churches and monasteries, traditional villages and ancient cities. And for those who are fans of the book Holy Blood, Holy Grail Holy Grail is here came when he left the Holy Land.

Arcadia is a region is determined only by a few tourists are rewarded with one of the most beautiful coasts of Greece. Tripoli is the capital of the agricultural and commercial center of the neo-classical houses and the archaeological museum. But the real beauty of Arcadia can be found in the surrounding villages, as Karitena called the Toledo of Greece (no, not Ohio: Spain), with narrow streets, stone houses and the castle of the Franks. Nearby is the old bridge over the river Loussios Franchi, throat and Gortys ancient site which can be reached on foot or by jeep. Leonideon city has a huge part of the gorge between two mountains, and is an excellent beach called Plakas. Visit the small village of Kosmas its cool summer weather and beautiful Platia around a large Church and the Fountain of the Lion.

The area is famous autumn chestnut and meat dishes at restaurants, where people travel long distances to eat, especially in winter when they have a fire and the whole village smells psistaria (grill). Try a small traditional restaurant called O Elatos with two women and their husbands turn out paidakia grilled dishes (lamb chops), brizoles hirino (pork chops), mouschari (steak), sikotaria (liver) and other meat dishes. Yida Specialties village, a goat eating soup in the winter, gkougkes, which is a local cheese, thick paste, and pitaroudia, local Horta or spinach pie in the oven, grilled or poached instead of fried. They have a great place increased by more than pink and light brown almost Sherry who wanted to take a bottle to take home, but they were scarce. (I’m about Selinute traditional commerce).

Leonideon city is at the end of a long ravine, where he finally meets the sea and is one of the most beautiful Greek beaches in the Peloponnese. A trip there Kosmas is one of the most spectacular in Greece and you ignore the great monastery of Agios Nikolaos, which rivals the Meteor.

The village of Clitoria (I do not invent) is what is perhaps the oldest vine in the world. Some of the best wines and the best chefs in Arcadia.

Langada the city is an interesting place to visit for several reasons. It is a mountain village located in a pine forest on a fairly high altitude and has breathtaking views. There are cafes and taverns, and so-called Katastima Trofimon beside an excellent espresso coffee is great. The Trofimon Katastima led by a beautiful woman named Kanela Mouroutsou (his brother owns a coffee shop next door). The shop offers traditional and natural products, including homemade pasta, honey, olive oil, mountain herbs, soap, craft wine cheese, fruit preserves, cereals, dried fruit, sundried tomatoes and many other products. Langada is on its way from Olympia to Tripoli, so if you go through it is a good place to stop and pause.

Also on the road out of town is a small store owned by an old man named Athanasios Grigoropoulos making hand carved walking sticks and canes in a wide variety and interesting for some goat horns. Athanasios is an attractive and interesting guy with mountains of letters and cards he received the good wishes I have left in their store. The store is in a precarious location near a bend in the road so be careful crossing and shopping.

When driving in Arcadia, and indeed all the roads Peloponnese take it easy. There are places where the road is wet, or soft or rain, which can be tricky and can easily lose control of the machine if you’re going too fast. On the road between Tripoli and Sparta, two important places to stop. The first is a cheese factory a few miles on the right before coming to Tripoli from Sparta. (I’m writing this to return to Athens, the Peloponnese, because not many people take their holidays with the cheese.) You can buy feta and yogurt and sheep Manouri, perhaps the best you can find. The nearest restaurant Ardamis second is that it seems to stop trucks in the United States, but is in fact one of the best Greek Peloponnese Restaurants, definitely the best you can find on the highway. We had a rabbit and volvous stifado that are marinated and tassel hyacinth bulbs.

They taste terrible, but we must try. Best of all local products and traditional wines that sell there. Especially good is a dark red Kariatiko regional dry red wine that is sold and Lakonias 1.5-liter plastic bottles for € 4.60 each. It ‘s the best wine in a plastic bottle you will ever drink. Keep your eyes open for people who sell fruit and vegetables on the road from Sparta, especially at the beginning of summer, when the cherry season.

Achaia, Greece

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Located on the northern tip of the Peloponnese is the prefecture of Achaia, the name of the founding of the city, Achaeans, who came here after the fall of the Mycenaean centers. With the prefectures of Corinth, Ilias and all neighboring Arcadia Archaia, that’s where the city of Patras is located, which is the capital of the Peloponnese.

Patras is the largest of all towns in the Peloponnese and is also the second largest port in Greece after the port of Piraeus in Athens. In addition to offering travelers the opportunity to travel to the Ionian islands famous, but also provide routes to Italy. Patras is also a popular transportation hub of the mainland, with links across the Peloponnese and other regions of mainland Greece. Patra visitors can enjoy interesting museums and sights of the city and its parks and plazas.Patra hand, there are also several other cities Archaia worth a visit, and several beautiful beaches and other attractions.

Such a place of interest is Achaia Clauss Factory. There are about 7 km south of Patras, the Bavarian-style castle is the seat of the oldest winery in Greece.

The factory was founded in 1861 by Gustav Clauss, and visits to plants to show the whole process of winemaking, where you can also see Mavrodhafni barrels, a centuries-old red wine that bears the name of the woman Clauss wanted to marry. Visitors can sample and purchase wines from here.

The charming and historic town of Kalavryta is also one where you can go. This mountain village is one that holds particular importance for the Greeks. E ‘was near here that Bishop Germano called at the beginning of the War of Independence in 1821.

Ayia Lavra monastery was burned by the Nazis, and many people were martyred in 1943 on charges of remaining resistance fighters. Monastery has since been revised and is also a small museum.

One of the main attractions is Kalavrita the railway Diakofto passing near the Gulf of Corinth. This train journey is one of the most spectacular in Greece, offering beautiful scenes and images of its passage through the tunnels and several canyons in the mountains. In each of the two stations, you can see the original steam engines that originally made trips.

There are several ribs along Archaia is great on summer vacation, where you can enjoy beautiful beaches and crystal sea water. The coastal city Akrata is such a place and was indeed the place where the ancient Aigai. The region of Rio on the coast is the transportation hub, connecting with the car ferry, the Peloponnese and central Greece Epios.

There is also a Helmos ski resort, located about 15 km from Kalavryta. This is very popular during the winter seasons, and offers visitors the opportunity to participate in winter sports and activities, with the added benefit of being in a very beautiful and picturesque region of Greece.

Helmos ski center there since 1988, has 7 lifts and 12 ski slopes. There is also free parking, cafeteria and restaurant and a ski rental shop, ski school and first aid. Helmos Ski Center is a little over 200 km from Athens.