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Isa Bey Mosque , Kusadasi-Turkey

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Isa Bey Mosque is one of the finest examples of Seljuk architecture, situated below the basilica of San Juan. The mosque was built by the son of Syrian architecture Ali al-master Damishki Mushimish between 1374 and 1375. The mosque was designed in an asymmetrical, unlike in traditional style, location of windows, doors and domes do not match on purpose. At the entrance of the mosque is an inscription of the god adorns the door. The columns inside the house of prayer have been the ruins of Ephesus, making an interesting contrast to the mosque. The vaults are decorated with turquoise and blue china, which reveals the characteristics of Ottoman style. the doors of the Crown as late Seljuk architectural style combined with the many features of special architectural style. The mosque was repaired in 1934.

The mystical atmosphere of “Isa Bey Mosque” should be known by the excursion around this region.

How to get there? Isa Bey Mosque is located 18 km. north of Kusadasi, on the left side of the entrance of Selcuk. Kusadasi – Selcuk minibuses departures every 15 minutes from Kusadasi.

Welcome to Kusadasi , Turkey

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Welcome to Kusadasi , Turkey

Right there in the Aegean, where the greatest civilizations in history has been cultivated, there is a resort: Kusadasi! The beauty of Kusadasi, which has settled in a beautiful bay on the beach and witness the ancient city of Ephesus, the Virgin Mary and the rich history of the environment begins with its name. Kusadasi means, namely the island of birds.

It is located only 70 km from Izmir airport and, with the neighboring Greece and other countries of the Mediterranean connections over the sea, and thanks to the marina with a complete range of services, a meeting point for many yachts.

Standard of accommodation / bed capacity
From five-star hotels to guest houses with a capacity of more than 30,000 beds Kusadasi offers a contemporary comfort. In addition to the summer holidays, it has also for conventions and conferences in every season, a suitable environment and adequate facilities. is a frequently visited place on tours in the area.

First settlements and historical monuments
There are no precise knowledge of the initial founding of the city known. Some researchers say that it was founded by Ionians. The old town is now in its lower section and Tayyare Hükümet Caddesi Caddesi (Camii Kebir and Dag quarter) on the hill by the partially preserved fortress walled Old City, there was the castle Kusadasi. That at the end of the quarter Camii Kebir located south gate is still intact. On the road to Söke is a tower, which suggests the size of the castle. The symbol of the city of Kusadasi and the Origin of the name pigeon island is now no longer an island. The island on which a well-preserved castle stands, was at the time of the port construction, built as a breakwater and connected to the mainland. In the castle Güvercinada is now a museum. A witness is past bloom time on the stand in the center Mehmet Pasa Mosque öküz. The same Kerwansarei is preserved in excellent condition, with its cool, spacious courtyard and serves as a hotel. In the center of the city, it is possible to swim and sunbathe in free. About 3 km from the center attracts many tourists to the woman beach with its long sandy beach every year.

For those who want herrausfahren from the city, there are many beaches east and west. These are the Zeus beach (Güzel Camli), the small and large beach Kalamaki beach at about 30 km away, and a little more of odun-Iskelesi and Ilyas Aga. The shopping centers and bars in the center of Kusadasi, the offer along the coastal fish restaurants nightlife.

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The environment Kusadasi offers the most extraordinary archaeological sites in Turkey, such as:
Ephesus, the ancient city, highlights not only for amateur photographers with familiar motifs such as the Hadrian temple and the amphitheater, Marie House, but also for any active interest in culture and host Turkey.

-Priene, an important archaeological site,
-Miletus, ruins of an ancient city
-The Port of Didyma with the imposing ruins of the Temple of Apollo,
-The Greek island of Samos (crossing by ferry, 2 hours).

Restaurants (phone reservation is recommended)


1. Camtepe (256) 614 83 48,
2. Ada (256) 614 17 25,
3. Ali Baba (256) 614 17 25,
4. Asiyan 85 (256) 614 43 65,
5. Diba (256) 614 10 63,
6. Kazim Usta (256) 614 12 26,
7. La Sirene (256) 614 12 26,
8. Odin (256) 614 49 34,
9. Chine (256) 614 47 85,
10. Le Boulevard (256) 614 49 34th