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Topkapi Palace Museum, Istanbul, Turkey

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Topkapi Sarayı ( Topkapi Palace ), built by Mehmet the Conqueror in the Sultan’s Palace, consists of an extensive collection of buildings arranged around several interconnecting courtyards. Beautifully located in one of the seven hills of Istanbul, with panoramic views of the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn, was the seat of the Ottoman Empire for nearly four centuries.

The home of about 3,000 people, served as royal residence, harem, state administration and military barracks. One of the most popular sections is the harem, once the quarters of about 300 women who were wives of the sultans and concubines and their children.

Visitors can see the apartments, halls and terraces of the harem, and see the bedroom sumptuous royal and imperial Hall. No expense was spared in the decoration of palaces and beautiful rooms, fountains and bridges very detailed, and the magnificent Treasury, housing the largest collection of treasures in the world, provides an overview of lifestyle sumptuous sultans of the Ottoman Empire.

Address: Topkapi Sarayi, Sultanahmet Tel: (212) 512 0480  Hours: Open daily except Tuesday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Admission U.S. $ 10 -15 depending on exchange rates, concessions available. The Harem can only be visited on a guided tour and a separate ticket is required

Why should you choose Kusadasi ?

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Kusadasi is located on the Aegean coast of Turkey, and is one of the most famous of the country. In summer, people come here for an unforgettable vacation. Because many people come here? From Kusadasi has beautiful beaches, clear waters and the nightlife is very active here. During the day, people enjoy the sun and swim in clean water, and then spend all their energy to dance in a disco until dawn. The Irish boys really like this pretty town, because the warm climate and a lot of fun.  Particularly street bars, the Irish people Kusadasi is popular in bars, Jimmy Irish Bar, Irish Bar Kitty, etc. ..

All that is found side by side in the street. Typically, in many Muslim countries alcohol is not allowed, but in Turkey all the restaurants and nightclubs serving alcoholic beverages. You may be crazy unforgettable nights in Kusadasi. People also come here to visit ancient historical sites like Ephesus, Priene, Miletus, Didyma, Aphrodisias, Pergamon, Pamukkale, etc. There are many well preserved historical sites in the Aegean coast of Turkey belongs to the Greek and Roman Kusadasi is among those places and is suitable as a base camp to visit one of these sites by joining the daily commute.

Ephesus is the closest and best preserved of them. Aegean coast of Turkey is also very important region to Christianity. St. John, St. Paul, the Virgin Mary, St. Philip, etc. have been here and the Apocalypse of 7 churches (Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicea) is located on the Aegean part of Turkey . For religious pilgrimages or visits people come here and mostly prefer to stay in Kusadasi, because it is close to all these pages. In short, Kusadasi welcomes people who love religious or cultural visits, and also sun and fun. The best time to holiday in Kusadasi is April, May, September and October. period June, July and August period is the busiest and warm. It is about 45C (113F) in summer. Cruises in winter shutdown, hotels and shops closed, streets are entirely local and mostly engaged in agriculture. April 15 is the number of waking hours; October 15 falls on sleeping time in Kusadasi.