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Information about the holiday in Kusadasi

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Kusadasi Beach

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A sea moss, beautiful beaches and 300 sunny days per year . Not surprisingly, Kusadasi has become a large lake in the resorts of Turkey. The ruins of the fortress and its gates are a reminder of the impact on the Ottomans, the city had in the early 15th Century. These days you are still having the old houses in narrow streets with the most elegant streets, how the “Barlar Sokak”, where when you go looking for dining and entertainment, when the sun sets over the palm lined boulevard in this port city.

Iceland Pigeon (off) provides the ruins of a Byzantine castle (better known as The Pirate Castle is known) and some beautiful views of the coastal city. Originally from the island was named “Bird of Iceland, but when the Ottomans in the name of the city (ie Kusadasi Bird Iceland) as the selection, the island was renamed Pigeon Iceland.

Ferries leave from Kusadasi and Italy or the Greek islands – there are daily ferries to Samos in the summer. But before you rush to Kusadasi is also an ideal city to explore the magnificent historical sights such as Miletus and Ephesus and the rock formations at Pamukkale.

For those who leave the cruise ship Kusadasi is a starting point. While most historical monuments aside, some prefer the local bazaar. Here, negotiation is the order of the day! While almost all merchants will try to stop if something catches your attention, do not hesitate to negotiate. All part of the fun.

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The ancient city of Ephesus,Turkey

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Ephesus Turkey photos

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Ephesus  an ancient Ionian city of the west coast of Asia Minor. History of the river’s mouth at times close to that of fresh material on the occasion of a fertile plain, the foothills and was put on prion Coressus Artemis or Diana, and the district, the victory, the city owed the temple of fame, about a mile away at ONO, the aircraft was himself. But there is reason to believe that the holy city before the Ionian, and both times there were several places is between the southern slopes of the mountain. Solmissus. The city always seemed to position a large commercial orders. Ionia and Lydia, Hermus, fresh material, and meandering in order that the three major basins, it is the second involving the delivery by the other two already had access to.

Former inhabitants of the Greek writers we Leleges Ephesus, Caria and Pelasgians heard “Amazons” as assigned. 11. In Century, according to tradition (the date is probably too early), Androclus, king of Athens by the Ionians Kodros spot and his son, a mixed body, and the Greek colonists landed in the conquest of events in the history of Ephesus. Artemis is the god of the city, but we must guard against misunderstanding, we use the name, they are close to the primitive nature cult Ortigia adjacent hole before the Ionian migration, and note that there is related to the Asian goddess of life, then all of a virgin mother, and especially wildlife and soil fertility and was the embodiment of a power-efficient. famous monstrous portrayal of a figure like him, grave-clothes from the waist down, and the foreign origin of many breasts shroud was probably too late. At times it seems as natural dignified figure in the early Ionian sometimes with a child and have represented a typical Greek goddess, which so far as the Hellenistic and Roman periods.

Two-time BC 700 -500 preservation of the city, disruption of the Goddess, even if the borrower at 7 Century Cimmerians raid swarms of Asia Minor and even Croesus Artemision he solemnly devoted to Artemis, the city is under siege after the next century, and only retired when, once upon a time, burned, the sacred character of this commitment from the city is to stretch a rope. Croesus, in all respects with the goddess willing to compromise and there is currently a large scale of the temple was restored in this most necessary building columns and represents the gold a few cows. That these gifts of Ephesus, Croesus (Nic. Damascus. Fri 65) offered a rich merchant pays Lydia, was probably Sadyattes revenues are property seizure. To counter this, perhaps, of Lydia, in Athens, the mother-city of Ephesus, the most distinguished citizens, Aristarchus is one of the growing influence of law on the basis of the Constitution sent back to Solomon. Aristarchus studies seem to bear fruit. Him, Hermodorus, a legal system that support its own review of Efes followers in Rome was a decemviri. Heraclitus and the same generation, which is probably the name is almost as big a focus of Greek philosophy adapted Codrus his hereditary judges, left to a grandchild. Poetry has long flourished in Ephesus. Homeric poetry, sad poetry of early Greece from very early times of Ephesus, located in a home and the fans there from the war songs Callinus 7, Century, was developed and Tyrtaeus model. Ion was an early period, then under the management of the City more visible and more cruel then the first Croesus of Lydia, and then Cyrus, the Persians, the Ionian revolt against Persia was and the year 500 BC, under the leadership of At outbreak of Miletus, the city remained subservient to Persian rule. Even though she and the other Ionian shrines dismissed security’s sake, children left behind in Ephesus march against Xerxes returned to Greece, the Temple of Artemis honor. We Tissaphernes time (411 BC) temple of respect for the Persian. Eurymedon Persian (466 BC) after the last defeat, the coast of Ephesus, Lysander and Agesilaus with the other cities, praised Athens for a while and then made their headquarters. The second explanation stems from the fact that contemporary by Xenophon. 4 in the first half century and fell under the influence of Persian ruled by an oligarchy.

Ancient city Ephesus Turkey

costa, West Asia, Minore, Coressus, prions, Efeso rio, fresco, materiale, Joni, Lidia, transferencia, ordenó, Meandro, Eremita, costos, equipo, Androclo, hijo, Kodros, Rey, Empleo, Colonos, cimerios Lidia, comerciante, Sadyattes, Artemision, Nestorio, neocorus, rescriptos, Ayassoluk, Theotokus, Nestorio che, gran, Asiarques, the capital, provincial, emperador, lugares, Parece, quella, entretenimiento, democratica

Alexander 334 Ephesians, and was accepted by a democratic government. Soon after the death of his city in the hands of Lysimachus, and fresh Greek colonists fell Lebedus and Company, founded by the temple town is still forced by a flood of artificial air that the people living in the hills surrounded by a solid wall, walking. He’s old name, but soon after his wife Arsinoe continued. Ephesus, a lot of prosperity during the Hellenistic period and later and later for the abundance of his character, stunning all of us as the other Ionian cities, can give us a complete list of the names of the judges. Species diversity and highlights the importance of Roman coins. Great Antiochus by the Romans, after the defeat of the Syrian king, Eumenes of Ephesus, Pergamum, Attalus Philadelphus, the king’s successor by the conquerors tried to inadvertently harm the city was handed over helpless. Due to the width of the mouth of the harbor because of the shallowness of his thinking, he is a mole in the second half way through the building results in a short time than ever at the port rose to the sand that was. Third of Attalos of Pergamon Ephesus heritage with the rest of his possessions to the people of Rome and the empire’s capital and Asia’s richest province, was the first point for a longer period of time. After that Ephesus Eupator Mithradates of Pontus, the cities of Asia Minor during the instigation of the rebellion, save for a short period of time, and was under the Romans massacred the people of Rome. Ephesians even pulled out, and soon a new, even though they disrespect the old masters who fled the district for the protection of Artemis, the Romans, were killed, and preserved to this day even dare to say there was an inscription, was a waste of their productive for Mithradates only superior force. After the victory of Sulla over Mithradates, wiped his excuses and adds them to a heavy fine, the penalty is far below their deserts, he said. A century of civil wars, the party failed twice in Ephesians, housing support, or the first Brutus and Cassius, Antony produced using, then, to partiality, or weakness, they paid a heavy penalty.

During this period, gradually became the city’s wealth and Artemis in the service commitment. St. Paul’s successor to show there stuff, the story and the fact that many think – the burning of books of magic is of great value. Dependence of the secret arts, no application had been occurring now in semi-orientalized. Paul, Timothy, John planted and managed by the saints and martyrs of Christian tradition and the Christian church is famous as a nurse. Local belief in the vicinity of St. John of Ephesus and the Virgin Mary had been opened, and died there, according to the last was the home. However (as shown in Ramsay, Sir WM), the church of Resurrection letter to dominate the second and subsequent events showed a trend of lightness and dangerous reaction to the pagan tradition of Artemis and is a very strong showing, perhaps never completely died out in Ephesus. While the spread of Christianity, long before the old is threatening the local cult. Neocorus or servant of the goddess was known to the City proud. between rich people and the Roman Emperor was the second year in a lot of gold and silver will be a procession to present a Vibius Salutaris, competed in plenty of gifts. Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamon boldly appeal to the honor of being the first city in Asia, called on Rome and the Emperor of competition in each city tries to soften the pain that we still have rescripts. One privilege of Ephesus, the Roman governor of Asia and there is always the first mission landed safely and the long head of the cult of the emperor’s official city and was Asiarchs seat. Despite the city returned to its former glory and never again on the cult of Artemis, the Goths and the city and the temple was destroyed in 262 AD. St. Mary is still visible, a large double in the church held a general assembly made a Christian church in 431. On this occasion, Nestorius, condemned the cult of Artemis, the virgin, and no doubt in some measure for the city to keep that as Theotokus Virgin, with great joy, founded the popular honor. (This is on the Council, please see below.) Ephesus, now known Ayassoluk slowly due to malaria (written by early Arab geographers Ayathulukh) Artemision, now living in the vicinity have been transferred to different and higher position seems to leave then, but Justinian I. Ibn Batuta in 1333 AD when you visit the Church built on a rocky hill near the existing station has been a great cathedral of St. John Theologos the topic of corruption, to be visible for a few tracks now. The ruins of the Temple of Artemis and the fresh material at the end of the river, or left-bank tributaries, one of Selinus falling deep mud, after serving as a quarry for local builders have stopped the actual location of the unexpected 1869.