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Kusadasi, Turkey

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Kusadasi, ( Bird Island ) Turkey

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Kusadasi is one of the largest and most cosmopolitan complex in Turkey and a staging point for large cruise liners. It is a good all round hotel, which offers beaches, excellent shopping and nightlife serious. Kuşadası literally means “Bird Island”and takes its name from the small island known as Guvercin Adasi or Pigeon Island, which is joined to the mainland by a causeway and boasts a 14th century Genoese fortress. There are a number of sandy beaches in the area.

Kadınlar Plajia or “Ladies Beach” is central, but can get crowded so it is wiser in high season at the head a little further from the center, where the beaches are just sand, but offer more space. Kaleiçi is the old city center and is a popular shopping and entertainment.

The Ottoman Kervansaray hotel or traveler is now in private hands, but it is an impressive building and a landmark in the city center. Today’s travelers can find solace in a wide range of accommodation in all categories and all sizes.

Kusadasi Hotels, Ephesus Tours, Turkey

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Kuşadası framework also makes it a good base for those wishing to visit Ephesus, which is only 30 minutes by car.

It is also surrounded by some of the most beautiful national park of Turkey, including the Kalamaki National Park, located in the Dilek peninsula, approx. 30 kms to the south. Dense pine trees covering the mountains that plunge dramatically to the beaches and crystalline waters.

Some of the wildest animals in Turkey can be found here, including the Anatolian leopard and wild horses. Sundays are often busy with local visitors. Another amazing place is located near Bafa Lake which is about 80 miles south east of Kusadasi.

Pigeon Island, Pigeon Iceland, Kusadasi – İzmir – Turkey

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Pigeon Iceland, with its gleaming image, really deserves to be symbol of Kusadasi. The eye-catching view of the island, uniting with the panoramic colors of the sunset take every visitor. Since the island was much-frequented place of birds during their seasonal migrations, it was named as Bird Iceland.

piegon island, kusadasi, izmir, turkey, ephesus

piegon island, kusadasi, izmir, turkey, ephesus

In the times of the Ottomans, the name of the island, where in the city and the city has started to be as “Kusadasi” (Bird Iceland) is called. Since then, the name of the island in “Pigeon Iceland” was changed.

The island was used for military purposes during the Ottoman era and still used, as was the location of the island is of strategic importance in securing the shores or preventing the attacks from the sea. The Byzantine castle that used on the rocks, against pirates, is known as “Pirate Castle”.

Pigeon Iceland, in contrast to its name, is now the country connected by a mole. But it is also an ideal place offers a wonderful opportunity for relaxation.

Within the limits of the impressive castle, you can watch the charming yachts peacefully on the glassy water Kusadasi or sit in one of the restaurants on the shore and sample fresh seafood and other Aegean specialties with the panoramic view of Kusadasi and enjoy the unforgettable times in Kusadasi …