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Reverse Tulip (Ters Lale)

5:25 pm

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Reverse peak as tulips to grow in the area of Hakkari. Onion, such as tuberous and rhizome with soil as well as six o rganla many other uses of geofit plants early in spring and autumn in the open near fragile, due to the flashy and gorgeous roses of ornamental plants have great importance in the direction. Especially at the end of winter snow will not disappear from the earth or snow into the spring with the flowering types of people together to resolve the longing for spring as a precursor has symbolic importance. Also, onions, tuber and rhizome underground organs such as the original environment due to other countries to know and easy to transportation live such as the production, economic geofit plants have also been evaluated.

Grows in the mountains of Hakkari Cilo “Ters Lale”, is one of the world’s rarest flowers. In the past, living in the Hakkari region of the water belly Asura’s every morning to spread the ‘crying tulip’, and so desecrate the name of the “reverse tulip”, a very valuable today. Height 75 centimeters , six in each branch of the natural phenomenon of tulip flowers grow the reverse, Cultural and Natural Heritage Protection Council has been under protection.

Our region, like many organic resource potential, in terms of ornamental plants has a rich flora. Especially early in the first spring semester of the people is used for various purposes, such as spices and vegetables, of program, the majority of vegetation are growing decorative plants.

Bulbous vegetation of the rich flora of rare species. To store foodstuffs under Soil mutant bodies, which have the flashy flowers aboveground parts of this plant growing season after completion of the solar yellow. For many years proceed to encounter the onion.

Subject to the necessary considerations in the care Reverse Tulip (Ters Lale):

  • Region in the genetic diversity of our flora is discovered
  • Leak protection of biological diversity in nature to pull up should be blocked
  • Indian manufacturers to allow the production of new business must be introduced to the local people
  • Nature protection and biodiversity devastation preventing the production of tissue culture should be done with
  • Production quality and amount to be supplied
  • Programmed production should be done
  • Market network should be established

Munzur Valley National Park , Tunceli

1:02 am

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Munzur Valley National Park, lying in between the Tunceli-Ovacik Munzur Valley, an region of 42,000 hectare National Park was declared in 1971. One of the largest national parks in Turkey “Munzur Valley National Park”, the city centre of Tunceli 8 Kilometres. from a range, along the valley goes back to the Munzur Mountains. Munzur mountains rising up to 3300 metres in the North, coral and Munzur to cuted.This Water valleys of the region as a national park by proclamation of the active data cells to be particularly rich in natural resources and the data stream, rich in endemic plant species and indigenous vegetation and animal varieties and the presence of wild animals.

Munzur Water and Coral Trout Creek common and rare species found extensively with indigenous horned mountain goat with two types of known names and bezuvar ur partridge hunting of wild birds local values, forms of life. Nationwide park in the north, on the Munzur mountains, crater lakes in the 2000-3000 meter peaks, valleys and canyons along the Ovacik plain, boiling cells and waterfalls pouring out of the park to enrich the natural values of the. From every corner of the park’s unique natural look and all the wild life can be traced easily. These features Munzur Valley, both recreational activities, nature and potential for research is very essential for tourism. The vegetation is very rich in flora Munzur Valley National Park, 1518 is authorized with various plants, 43 of them Munzur Mountains range, 227 range is made up of endemic species in Turkey.

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Munzur Mountains endemic plants found nowhere else among the Bell Flower, Cherry Erzincan, Bindebirdelik Grass Munzur partridge, Munzur Wedding Flowers, Mountain Brook, Mountain Jet Munzur include Grass and Violet. Ovacik county to Munzur water spring 1.5 km. The water on either side of the birch tree is attribute of the region Munzur below are “mescere” tree. Birch trees are rare in our country in this region, the water’s edge to make a gorgeous body and offers an important contribution to the region’s flora. And various species of oak tree species dominate the national park. The hills and rugged slopes protected with oak jungles are not places. Combined with water as the height of the base of the valley and elm, birch, alder, ash, sycamore, grapevine, birch, walnut, wild hazelnut, poplar, willow and shrub species are a rich crops. Sub-flora, oaks grove where nature is rich. Rugged mountains and steep slopes totally bare.