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Kusadasi History

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Kusadasi History

Profit from the earliest settlements in Kusadasi and around somewhere Lelegians. Rice Mountain in Kusadasi, and founded a city in the foothills. Climate residents like olive, fertile soil in cities around the wine and dessert grapes and figs for extracting oil or making basic products allowed us to grow.

Kusadasi was invaded by the Persians. Kusadasi and its environs by the Roman Empire, sovereign, and dividing the Roman Empire, Byzantium became a state. climate change has caused serious earthquakes and Caystros River route, Ephesus was mostly destroyed and replaced lost prior importance and prosperity. Results for the Byzantines a new port and trade has forced a new approach to search. Neopolis as a port rather than the area around the port of Ephesus, Jewish, Greek and Armenian merchants found suitable by. “Scala Nova” Ania, Melia, and Neopolis Phygale ago as a new commercial center for the historical city of Kusadasi early foundations of today we have added this new port, the name was. 15. As the century developed, “Scala Nova” Venetian and Genoese sailors and traders under the rule established in the region Kilic Arslan Seljuk occupation entered upon consulates here.The Turkish domination 2. advantageous position of Kusadasi as a time such as the Silk Road trading city of Ephesus, held by the major trade routes to the development of positive assets at the end.

Kusadasi Ottoman Empire by Sultan Mehmet Celebi in 1413 after the occupation began to be managed. During the Ottoman period, Kusadasi imposing structures, magnificent view to the former was introduced by giving a new look. Ox Mehmet Pasha Caravanserai basis of Ottoman architecture in the city, the queen of the same name during the reign of Sultan Osman2 Ahmet1 and is built by men. Kusadasi in the center of the castle gates, walls and many mosques, fortresses and castles of Pigeon Island, were built during the Ottoman period, reflecting the architectural style of the period. “Kusadasi” that “bird island” took the name means Pigeon Island.

Today, Kusadasi is one of Turkey’s most developed resorts, with its sandy beaches and glassy water, a perfect place for a holiday. Contrast with the lively holiday life, the silence of the ancient ruins of the city will create a special atmosphere.

Why Kusadasi ?

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kusadasi, kusadasi photos, kusadasi beaches

Why Kusadasi ?

Kusadasi is one of the most popular holiday destination in Turkey, a perfect setting for an unforgettable vacation.

The most popular holiday paradise of the Aegean. Kusadasi is located in Izmir province.
Around the world famous Ephesus, Didyma, Priene, Miletus, such as historical sites are very valuable.

300 days a year you can swim in the sea, the Aegean sea, is one of the most warm and glorious place.

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