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Greek Goddesses, Peitho

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Peitho was the goddess or spirit (daimon) of persuasion, seduction, and an enchanting voice. Together with the force (BIA), has also been a powerful incentive, and rape (including the abduction bride). Peitho was a close companion of the goddess Aphrodite.

Pietho is usually represented as a woman with her hands in persuasion or fleeing the scene of a rape. His attributes are sometimes included a white dove and the ball of twine binding.

One of the most obscure and difficult to achieve in Greek mythology is the goddess Peitho patron goddess of the arts of persuasion. Peitho name is Greek for “Persuasion”, which makes the goddess of abstract allegorical figures of the order of Tyche (Chance) and Ate (“Discord”). Unsung in Homer and Ovid, in fact, barely mentioned in one of the legends and stories standard, which remains a mysterious figure in the background – as a distant mirage and ridicule.

Hesiod quotes Peitho (Theogony l. 349), which he identifies only one of the three thousand daughters of Oceanus and Tethys. This Peitho a completely different idea of ​​fun Peitho eloquence and power of rhetoric. Most of the standard classical dictionaries, encyclopedias and mythology are equally ambiguous and vague in its identity. A few sources do not differ only personifies persuasion, but it is also connected, as his Roman equivalent Suada by deception and desire.

In a few scattered literary references, and a series of friezes and Greek vases Peitho is typically described in the company of an attendant of Eros and Aphrodite. Beneath it, for example, sits thoughtfully at the top of the column at the left corner of the background is a relief – an indirect participant in a charming scene of seduction. He sits in the foreground on the left are Helen (Fall of Troy fame), and Aphrodite, Eros and walk right into Paris.

Aphrodite put her hands around a seemingly shy (Coy or artistic), Helen, perhaps naive to his young protege (novice to expert talent), secret information on the joys and rigors of forbidden love. At the same time, Kylie and Paris have their tete-a-tete with the winged god of love appears to offer last-minute encouragement from courageous, but understandably concerned about the Trojans. But note: what Aphrodite and Eros appear to say a couple of nervous (on the verge of the most famous abduction / jailbreak all literature), their words are from the end of Peitho. Consider, for example, the goddess of the position of extreme concentration (much like Rodin, Le Penseur). It seems that he is not only a guide, but in reality, telepathically inspiring speeches from Helen shatter resistance and strengthen the resolve of Paris. No wonder Helen and Paris run away together. Who will have the combined forces of persuasion and love?


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hermaphroditos, mythology, Greek mythology

Hermaphroditos (or Hermaphroditus in Latin) was the god of hermaphrodites and of effeminate men. He was numbered amongst the winged love-gods known as Erotes.

Hermaphroditos was a son of Hermes and Aphrodite, the gods of male and female sexuality.

Some say he was once a handsome youth who attracted the love of a Naiad nymph named Salmakis.

She prayed to to be united with him forever and a god, in answer to her prayer, merged their two forms into one. At the same time her spring acquired the property of making men who bathed in its waters soft and effeminate.

In Greek vase painting Hermaphroditos was depicted as a winged youth with male and female attributes: usually female thighs, breasts, and style of hair, and male genitalia.

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