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Greek Gods, Hermes

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The greek god Hermes was the son of Zeus (before he married Hera), and the nymph Maia (daughter of the Titan Atlas). He was the god of shepherds, travelers, merchants and thieves also, and was also the role Herald (messenger) of the gods. His Roman name was Mercury.

The baby was born this morning in a cave on Mount Cyllene. Tired after birth, the mother, the rack, and then fell asleep. But the naughty child was released from the cradle, and went to Pieria, where Apollo grazing herds. He stole them and drove home, but was smart enough to do some walking backwards in order to cover your tracks. On the way home, he also found a turtle that has killed and the courage to clean it, then took with him.

Upon returning home, two cows sacrificed to the gods of Olympus. He took the intestines of slaughtered cows and placed in the empty shell of a turtle, for inventing the first lyre. He had nine agreements to honor the nine muses (no doubt won the favor of other gods).

Having achieved all this in the morning, poor girl was tired, so he returned to his hometown, where he fell asleep.

When Apollo discovered the cows had been stolen, he was very angry. He managed to find a child god Hermes and told her mother that her son had done. Maia, very surprised, he told me to look and see as the cradle of the little “angel” was sleeping. How could he be blamed for things that an innocent child? Apollo does not know how to prove that he was right, but then he saw the emblem, which is made from the intestines of cows, and it was a confirmation of the theft.

Thus, the greek god Hermes child was brought before Zeus (I suspect that the older brother was a bit ‘jealous of a baby). Zeus, who has seen it all and told me to livestock Apollo (but I also believe that he was very proud of his heart that his son had done little – so little, but so smart)

But Hermes began to play the lyre and Apollo was enchanted by this music, he decided to let Hermes keep the cattle in exchange for the lyre (which later became one of the attributes of Apollo).

Small Hermes could not live without music, he invented Syrinx (pan flute), as Apollo suffer too, so he gave Hermes his golden scepter, kerykeion called in Greek, known as the Roman caduceus.

The greek god Hermes, attributes the winged cap the passenger, the rod with two snakes and a winged sandals. He was represented at the athletic young man.

Greek Gods, Porus(Poros)

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Porus(or Poros) was the spirit of expediency, the means of accomplishing or providing, contrivance and device. His opposite number was Aporia.In the cosmogony of Alcman Porosand Thetis were the first-born gods of creation. Here Poros is the same as Khronos.Plato, Symposium 178 :

“On the birthday of Aphrodite there is a feast on the gods, where the god Poros , that is the son of Metis (Wisdom), was one of the guests. İf your feast was over, Penia, because manner is on such occasions, came about the doors to beg. Now Poros who was the worse for nectar , went into the garden of Zeus and fell right heavy sleep, and Penia considering her own straitened circumstances, plotted to have a child by him, and accordingly she lay down at his side and conceived Eros , who partly while he is naturally an exponent on the beautiful, and because Aphrodite is herself beautiful, and also because he was born on her behalf birthday, is her follower and attendant. So that as his parentage is, so also are his fortunes. In the initial place he is always poor, and not tender and fair, because the many imagine him; and he is rough and squalid, and it has no shoes, nor a home to dwell in; on the bare earth exposed he lies under the open heaven, in-the streets, or at the doors of houses, taking his rest; and like his mother he’s always in distress. Like his father too, whom he also partly resembles, he’s always plotting against the fair and good; he’s bold, enterprising, strong, a extremely hunter, often weaving some intrigue or another, keen while in the quest for wisdom, imaginatif in resources; a négocier constantly, terrible as an enchanter, sorcerer, sophist.”