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Greek Gods and Goddesses

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The Greek Gods and Goddesses of the ancient times were also referred to as the twelve gods of Olympus also, the religion based on their worship was called Dodekatheon. The Greek religion wanted the main gods in the Greek pantheon residing on top of Mount Olympus.

Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Ares, Hermes, Hephaestus, Aphrodite, Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Demeter and Hestia are the 12 Olympians. Heracles, Hebe, Helios, Hades, Dionysus, and Persephone are some other important gods, goddesses, and in Heracles’ case, heroes. Persephone used to live in the underworld for three months of the year (causing the barren landscape of winter) and was allowed to return to Mount Olympus for that other nine months to become with her mother, Demeter. During this time she would be in woe and not with the other Olympian Gods. Hades was one of the principal Greek gods but his home was in the underworld of the dead and that made his connection to the Olympians more tenuous.

The Twelve Olympians gained their supremacy in the world of gods after Zeus led his siblings to victory in war with the Titans. Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Demeter, Hestia and Hades were siblings while all the other gods from the Dodekatheon are usually considered the children of Zeus by various mothers, except for Athena, who in some versions of the myth was born of Zeus alone and Aphrodite who was formed from the castrated phallus of the primordial Sky which Cronos threw into the sea when he freed the Titans. Additionally, some versions of the myth state that Hephaestus was created of Hera alone as Hera’s revenge for Zeus’ solo birth of Athena.

As the ancient greek language poet Isiodos is narrating the beginning of everything was Chaos from which came the Earth, the Night and Erebus, the deep darkness which characterizes the depth of the Earth and the Oceans. The Earth gave birth to the Sky because she didn’t want to be left alone so he stood above her. The Earth was the woman and the Sky was the man and from this couple many children were born. Pontos and the Ocean were the first having been born and while the ancient Greeks thought of the ocean as a big river circling the earth, Pontos symbolized the sea. Other children of our planet and Sky were the Sun, Iapetos, Rea, Themis, Mnimosini and the Cyclopes. The first Cyclops was named Vronti, thunder, and the others were Steropis and Argis. They were both huge with only one eye on the forehead, fierce in appearance and incredibly powerful.

Three monsters were also born from Earth and Sky, the Ekatocheires, meaning creatures who had a hundred arms each and fifty heads. They were very powerful and gigantic and their names were Kottos, Vriareos and Giis.

The last son of the earth was Kronos. The Sky named his children Titans and he was a cruel and heartless father and since he was afraid that one of his sons would take his place he imprisoned one by one in a place called Tartara, meaning inside the depths of the earth where there was only darkness. When he finished with the imprisonment of every child he was rest assured that no one would take his place. He didn’t pay attention to the Earth who was suffering for the fate of her children caused by their father and had started hating the Sky simultaneously that she decided to revenge in order to free her children.

Then, she delivered a grey metal that’s unknown right at that moment and with that she developed a huge reaping hook and shared with her children when they thought about being free they should hit their father utilizing this type of weapon. The only one who wasn’t afraid to do it was Kronos, the tiniest child. Once the night covered the world additionally, the Sky dropped to hug her Kronos hit him hard. An integral part of his father’s body was cut and from then on he never attempted to get down to earth again and Kronos became the ruler.

The cut part of Sky’s body fell while in the sea near the island of Kithira, the blood became white sea froth and covered it and then the waves led it far-off near Cyprus. From the sea froth covering the portion of the Sky the most amazing woman of all made her appearance, the goddess named Aphrodite.

Zeus Greek God

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Zeus was king of the gods, the god of sky and weather, law, order and destination. He was portrayed as a man of majestic and mature with sturdy figure and dark beard. His usual attributes were a flash royal scepter and eagle.

Some of the most famous myths with the god include:

  • His birth and upbringing in the cave Diktaion where he was nursed by Amalthea and monitored by the shield Curetes clash;
  • Titan War, where he defeated the Titanes, and the prisoners were to Tartarus;
  • Your fight with Typhon, a hundred heads, a giant monster that tried to capture the sky;
  • War Giants, who attempted to storm Olympos but were killed Zeus and the gods;
  • The Great Flood, when he flooded the earth to destroy mankind and begin the world again;
  • His conflict with Prometheus over the theft of charity to mankind;
  • The penalty for Salmoneus, Tantalus and Ixion, men who offended God by their wickedness;
  • The birth and life of Herakles, his favorite son, he was transferred to Olympos to death;
  • His extramarital affairs with women such as Leda, seduced, in the form of a swan, Europe, like a bull, Danae as a shower of gold, Kallisto, such as Artemis, and Antiope as a satyr;
  • The Trojan War, where he led from start to finish, including the casting of the golden apple of discord.

Place of birth of Zeus: Zeus is the most commonly believed born in a cave of Mount Ida is the island of Crete, where he took the country on Europe on the beach and Low. Cave Cave Diktaean Psychro or above the Lassithi Plain is also said to be his hometown. His mother is the father of Cronus and Rhea, things went Rocky begins Kronos, fear of abuse, children are eating, Rhea. Finally, he got wise after the birth of Zeus and subsituted banded rock and a snack with her husband. Zeus, was conquered by his father and freed the brothers, who were still living in the stomach Kronos’.


The tomb of Zeus: Unlike the mainland Greeks, Cretans believed in Zeus is dead and risen every year. Its “grave” was said to be Juchtas the mountains just outside of Heraklion, where the mountain from the west shows a giant man lying on his back. Minoan peak sanctuary is crowned by mountains and can be visited, but these days has to share space with the cell phone towers.


 Joint Zeus: Hera in most stories, Europe, at least among the Cretans, Leto, mother of Apollo and Artemis, Dione, mother of Aphrodite at Dodona. Here is a picture of Zeus: Dodona that

Children: Many, many of them. Hercules is a famous child. Dionysus is another, and so Athena


Basic story: Zeus is the king of the gods of Olympus, struggling with his beautiful wife, Hera, and fall to the ground in a variety of disguises to seduce girls that attracts his fancy. On a more serious side, there is a God who is creator sometiems considered too favorable to humanity by his colleagues.


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Interesting fact: Some experts believe that all the names of Zeus, actually refers to Zeus, but refer to the corresponding Greek deities, a popular local areas. Kretagenes Zeus Zeus was born in Crete.

The “Clash of the Titans” movie Zeus associated with the Kraken – Kraken but the non-Greek is not a part of the traditional mythology, Zeus.

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