Greek Islands

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greek islands, Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes, Corfu, Paros, Naxos, Crete, Samos, Kos

Greek Islands

The Greek Islands can be a magical journey where body and soul reunite over the sunny shoreline and in the perfect deep blue Aegean Sea. Fairyland villages dot the landscaping and fishing boats bob in the harbour.

One visit to the Greek Islands will instill a feeling of transquility and charm which will last a lifetime. You will return home, but the visions of the Greek Islands will float using your mind like a fresh breeze. You will feel the sun on your back, the cool waters at your feet and you will long for the opportunity to have another Greek Island holiday.


Santorini is the diamond of the Greek Islands. Its white sculptured villages are nestled atop steep volcanic cliffs that fall sharply to the deep blue Aegean Sea. This is paradise for shoppers, photographers, artists, hikers or anybody who just wants to sit at a cafe and soak up the sun and magic of the Greek Islands. If you only have time to visit one of the Greek Islands, it has to be Santorini.


Crete is the largest and most varied of the Greek Islands. It is 173 miles long east to west and as narrow as 5 to 30 miles north to south. In the west, it is covered with lush evergreens, while at the east, Crete is more arid and even hosts palm groves at Vai. There are beaches, resorts, hotels, apartments, archeological sites and ancient cities around the island. The interior is home to high mountain peaks and is popular with climbers and hikers.


Corfu Town is the charming capital of Corfu. At times you may wonder if you are in Greek Islands or Italy. But be assured, you can get your souvlakis and frappes just as you would anywhere else on the Greek Islands.


Rhodes is located within eyesight of the Turkish coast and its capital Rhodos remains a blend of Turkish and Crusador influences. The Military Museum (above) is a good example of the cut stone buildings that make Rhodos one the most beautiful medieval cities in the world and one of the very most urbane and delightful cities on the Greek Islands


Mykonos is a cubist painting with white buildings, golden beaches engrossed in bronze bodies. Mykonos is young, hip and hedonistic with a touch of bourgeois. Over the years, it has gone from sleepy fishing villages, to jetset, to hipster haven and is now settling into more mainstream tourism. Perhaps too crowded at times, Mykonos is nonetheless an essential part of the Greek Island experience.


Paros offers the best of the Cycladic Island experience. Whether you arrive at the beautiful port town of Paroikia or the tiny airport, you will be charmed from beginning to end. You will lay on its golden beaches, stroll its cobblestone alleys, and pass through archways engrossed in brilliant bougainvilleas. Paroikia has a long boardwalk by the port that hosts dozens of great little restaurants and tavernas. Behind the port, you will find the historic old city with its winding alleys and small shops.


Skiathos is one of the northern most islands in Greece. Its pine covered hills and deep blue coves are home to some of Europe’s best beaches. Big Banana Beach (right) is a long sweep of white sand in a nature conservatory. There is one small taverna but the beach is famous for natural splendor, not its facilities.


Ios is well known as a party island and for Milopita Beach. Milopita is thought by many to be one of the best beaches in Greece. It is wide and sandy, has aquatic sports, camping and a wide range of hotels, apartments and rooms to let. There are a variety of restaurants – you may also choose from Thai or Mexican cuisine. All this and it still seems relatively pristine.


Naxos is the biggest and many mountainous of the Cyclades Islands. The port has a Venetian fort and a long boardwalk of restaurants and cafes. A huge marble arch to an uncompleted temple overlooks the port from a nearby hill.


Sifnos main appeal is Platos Gialos – a sleepy little beach village where most of the signs are just in Greek. You almost seem like you’ve stumbled into a private party until you see English on the menus of just one of the half dozen tavernas. Sifnos is mostly visited by Greeks plus the rare tourist who is searching for a place the place that the discos don’t drown out the melody of the waves lapping up on the beach.

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Turkey Holidays

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Turkey Holidays

For families and couples looking for more than just fun in the sun, Turkey vacations are sure to be unforgettable. Combining the best of history and modernity, Turkey vacation that offers more than beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters. Explore the rich history and exotic, or enjoy exciting sports activities at the hem. Then, when night falls, eat a good Turkish cuisine and dance the night under the stars.

Nights out, holidays Turkey

Whether you are looking for a resort with a lively nightlife in the evening or a more relaxed atmosphere, calls for holidays in Turkey at all.

The nights on holiday in Turkey can be spent tasting the local cuisine in the family restaurants, drinking raki with the locals in traditional bars or dance the night away at lively nightclubs. The choice is really up to you on holiday in Turkey.

Holidays in Turkey at all. As home to not one but two of the seven wonders of the ancient world – and the imposition of Roman amphitheatres and other relics of all time amazing – Turkey is a wonderful destination for lovers of history like going back in time .

Wonderful stay in Turkey

Holiday Turkey are a fantastic combination of sun, sea and history, and only four hours flight from the United Kingdom is the perfect destination for your next holiday in the sun! Holidays in Turkey, to enjoy the sparkling Mediterranean climate and picturesque beaches, so there’s no better place to relax!

The beautiful beaches on Turkey Holidays

When it comes to beaches, you will be spoiled for choice on holiday in Turkey, the coast is a vision of golden sand and turquoise sea! Relax on the pristine beaches Dalaman, where the long stretch of golden sand is ideal for sunbathing. That might even be lucky enough to see a rare loggerhead refuge in the beach! They prefer a more lively downtown? Enjoy the full experience of your vacation to the beaches of Marmaris in Turkey, where you can try some water sports, and after a long day at the beach with a cool Icelolly one of the many beach bars! Take a water taxi in the bay of the beautiful beaches of Marmaris, where you’ll find many isolated places of peace and tranquility of your holiday in Turkey. Icmeler beach is ideal for families, with soft sand and areas of special swim safely! Some of the most beautiful beaches is the Olu Deniz, where you can sit and relax on the long hours of sunshine!

Discover your own vacation Turkey

Holidays in Turkey must not only be on the beach! Tear off your deck and take a boat to the Greek island of Kos, or why not explore the underwater world in a glass bottom boat around the island. Enjoy a few days the family in Bodrum a visit to the water park Dedeman, or why not pick up some good memories lively Hisaronu market! Living life in the city for your vacation in the exciting capital of Turkey Istanbul, the city is full of beautiful mosques, galleries and restaurants that offer great bars and shopping experiences!

All inclusive holidays to Turkey cheap holidays with friends, gay, holiday in Turkey for everyone. Why wait? Break in the sun with a face Turkey today and save.

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low cost holidays, luxury turkey holidays, turkey holidays 2014, cheap turkey holidays

Cheap holidays in Turkey

Best of East and West – which is what leads to Turkey. Whether you are traveling from Asia or Europe, you can find stories back to the land of Constantinople. The only place that is not the fantasy adventure of all – the secret world of every book you read now is the best place to take your family for a vacation. You can help your family to see and experience the history of what once was good.

That’s not all. There are many more sites and attractions of Turkey that could really get attached to them. Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia and the church (called Ayasofya), the Kariye Museum, Blue Mosque, the Yerebatan Sarayi, Kapadokya Balloons, the Bosphorus and the beach of Calis – each one better than the other and you may might not be able to choose the place that I really liked the best! You can also enjoy all parts of Turkey all inclusive holidays

And before Frisk, paragliding, scuba diving and other water-free day, do not forget to visit Ephesus, the city, which nest in the Temple of Artemis. This is one of the world’s seven wonders of the ancient world. No other city in world history has been preserved so well.

Recognized by the Vatican and the resting place of the Virgin Mary, Ephesus is one of the most sacred places for many Christians around the world. The richest city in the Mediterranean also encloses the large resorts and hotels with water parks as their highlights. The crystal chandelier, like water could really get you to it. The new diva with breathtaking scenery, adventure sports, the use of history and the true symbol across cultures, Turkey is a country where you can find anything and almost everything you wanted for your holiday in Turkey!