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Turkish Food, Kebab

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Kebab may be a wide selection of meat dishes beginning in Persia and later on adopted by the Middle East and Turkey, and now found worldwide. In English, kebab without qualification generally refers more specifically to shish kebab served within the skewer or döner kebab served covered with bread with a salad and also a dressing. In the center East, however, kebab includes grilled, roasted, and stewed dishes of huge or small cuts of meat, and even ground meat; it usually is served on plates, in sandwiches, or perhaps bowls. The standard meat for kebab is lamb, but according to local tastes and taboos, it should certainly be beef, goat, chicken, pork; fish and seafood; or maybe vegetarian foods like falafel or tofu. Like other ethnic foods through travellers, the kebab has become a part of everyday cuisine in most countries around the world.

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The Arabic word possibly derives from Aramaic kabbaba, which most likely has its own origins in Akkadian kababu that means “to burn, char”.The definition of was adopted while in the Babylonian Talmud being debated of Temple animal choices them to not be kabbaba (burned). The Persian phrase kabab was utilized by middle ages Arabs, and Turks as kebab.In the 14th century, kebab is defined for being synonymous with tabahajah, a Persian word for the dish of fried meat pieces. The Persian word was considered more high-toned while in the medieval period. Kebab was adopted frequently in Persian books of the time for you to consult with meatballs product of ground or pounded chicken or lamb.In the fashionable period, kebab gained its current concept of shish kebab, whereas earlier ended up being the Arabic word for grilled meat. Kebab still retains its original meaning inside names for stew-like dishes such as tas kebab (bowl kebab).Similarly, kebab halla can be an Egyptian dish of stewed beef and let’s eat some onions.


The origin of kebab may lie within the short way to obtain cooking fuel in the Near East, which made the cooking of huge foods difficult, while urban economies managed to get an easy task to obtain small cuts of meat at a butcher’s shop.The phrase is actually Persian in origin and Arabic tradition has it that the dish was invented by medieval Turkic soldiers who used their swords to grill meat over open-field fires.In India Ibn Battuta records that kebab was served within the royal houses since a minimum of the Sultanate period, and even commoners would appreciate it in the morning with naan.The dish has been native to the Near East and ancient Greece since antiquity; an earlier variant of kebab (Ancient Greek Language:-obeliskos) is attested in Greece since 8th century BCE (traditional period) in Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey in classical Greece, amongst others while in the works of Aristophanes, Xenophon and Aristotle.Excavations locked in Akrotiri around the Greek island of Santorini by professor Christos G. Doumas, unearthed stone sets of barbecue for skewers (Ancient Greek: -krateutai) used ahead of the 17th century BCE. In each set of two the supports, the receptions for that spits are found in absolute equivalence, as you move the line of small opportunities within the base comprises system of supplying the hot coals with oxygen in order that they are maintained illumine while in its use.

Skiathos, Greece

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Skiathos is only 46 square miles, but many people choose to return for holidays, year after year for the simple fact that it has one of the best beaches in the Greek islands, a variety of tavernas, bars and places of residence and is absolutely beautiful.It is a lush green island of more than 60 beaches and, depending on where you live, you can be quiet and relaxing holiday or an active hiking, sports, and enjoy the nightlife.

Skiathos ChoraThe inhabitants live mainly from tourism and agriculture. They grow olives, fruit and nuts, and there is honey and local wine. Many islanders to leave the island in winter and work on the mainland. The difference between summer and winter is very clear: While the population of approximately 4000 people in summer can reach 70,000! Capital of the island of Skiathos Town, has managed to retain its traditional style, although each summer thousands of visitors come to enjoy what it has to offer. As you come into the harbor, the first thing you will notice that the left is the old yards, while located near a large lake, which also sees thousands of visitors each summer – this time as the presence of Many varieties of birds that fly here during the summer he migrations.The Skiathos town has many interesting churches.

Important is the cathedral, which is a lot of relics and icons, which are from other churches throughout the island and is carried out at the cathedral. another interesting church to visit the town of Skiathos is the Lake Mary church. Here is a sanctuary of the famous author Alexandros Papadiamardis Skiathos. Go churches in very beautiful way to Agios Nikolaos and Agios Fanarios. Of the two, rather than churches, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Castle of Skiathos. Throughout the history of the castle on the island, like many Greek islands, the population was used as the protection of Skiathos raids by pirates and Turks. The castle was also the place where the allies fled during the Second World War. Try also to visit the monasteries of Skiathos that are located near the capital. more important is the monastery where Evangelistria during the Greek War of Independence many of the Greek fighters sought asylum. The museum and library of the monastery you can see the importance of books and relics of historical and religious significance.

Skiathos is a popular holiday resort in the British and Scandinavian tourists, but also many Italians, Germans, Dutch and Swiss. The Greeks also love to Skiathos, and they want to see some ‘cosmopolitan island.History Skiathos is one of the few islands of Greece, which never had its name changed, at least as far as we know. Not sure where the name, and one theory is that it is a pre-Greek name given to the first inhabitants of the island. Another explanation is that it comes from the Greek word for shade, Skia and that was because of its many trees, or that the island lies in the shadow of Mount Pelion in the continent.

Skiathos prehistoric remains tell us that the island has been inhabited since prehistoric times. We do not know exactly who lived here, then perhaps the Pelasgians.Skiathos has a tradition of shipbuilding and in collaboration with fertile soil, became an important resting place for travelers and shipments. It is believed that the Greek fleet to Troy, and Jason and the Argonauts made a stop here before leaving.In the 7th century BC Chalceids settled here and the island was to become a strategic position in the Persian wars of the fifth century BC.

Skiathos was part of Athens, Sparta and Macedonia in general, over the years old. The biggest disaster came when Philip III, sacked the island to prevent the Roman invaders to gain riches of the 2nd century BC. Skiathos was enjoying the relative freedom and under the Roman and Byzantine periods until the Venetian brothers Ghisi found in the 13th century.Curse of the island has been the constant attacks of pirates during the Middle Ages. The Islanders moved Kastro, and did their best to protect themselves. The final blow was in 1538 when the Turks invaded. After defending himself for a week, could Skiathos people no longer resist, and the Turks stormed Kastro, killing men, women and children.

Turkish rule was strict, and many refugees were also received from the mainland, Skiathos poor almost completely. The island was finally released in 1829. Since then, it is a quiet place, with the exception of World War II, when the Germans set fire to the island.
Visit Although Skiathos is an island so small, there are quite a few attractions. Skiathos torn, Chora, is the old part, with narrow streets and old houses and impressive.

Bourtzi Also, a small peninsula in the harbor was a Venetian fortress, the remains of century wall 13 and arms. Here you can enjoy concerts, art exhibitions and puppet shows for children in the outdoor theater.The monastery church of Skiathos EvagelistriaThe Evangelistra is 30 minutes from Chora. It has some unique environment and is open to the public. A feature of many friends of the monastery are dogs, cats and birds that live here. Evangelistra also has a small museum with various objects in its history. There are also very important here that you can buy icons, crucifixes, plaques, shirts and even wine. This is a small white bus that goes between the monastery of Chora and time several times a day.

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Kounistra monastery is far from Chora, and you can get there if you rent a car or go on tour. Here a monk found an icon of the Virgin Mary hung from a tree in the 17th century, the monastery was built after the icon: Kounistra means “swinging.” This used to be a school under Turkish rule, and you are invited to walk around it. The icon is Tris Ierarches Chora church today it Kounistra church has a single copy.

When visiting monasteries, remember to wear a long skirt and to cover your shoulders if you are a woman and wear long pants if you’re a man.You can also visit the medieval capital of Kastro, or go on boat trips around the island, or a unit of almost all directions, then walk. Do not miss the Church of Christ and the old houses.

What many beaches there are water sports such Megali Ammos near Hora, and Ag Paraskevi Koukounaries. In Chora there Tennisclub. Riding is also close to Koukounaries. There is also a dive center. In the outdoor theater Bourtzi often have concerts, dances and plays traditional Greek night.There are daily excursions to nearby islands of Skopelos and Alonissos, and Athens and Meteora.

Beaches Although Skiathos is a small island, has over 60 beaches, and there is at least one for every taste: Koukounaries is one of the most famous beaches in Greece – a long sandy beach with beautiful surroundings, taverns, snack bars and water sports, beach Banana, which is known as a nudist beach, but the fact is that only part of it is, Agia Paraskevi – an ideal beach for families, Lalaria – has was a beach of white stone, you can reach by boat (Jason and the Argonauts partly filmed here). north side can be quite harsh, and the beaches are not as suitable for children.

Nightlife in Chora is very busy, especially during high season, but fortunately most of the clubs are “Disco Strip” at the end of a new port, the direction of the airport. There are small bars everywhere, but the road is the busiest road Polytechniou, or “Bar Street”. Koukounaries is also a lot ‘of people.

Food & Drink has a wide selection of restaurants in Skiathos town and get nothing traditions of Greek cuisine French cuisine. The island is not known for any specialty, but you can often get cheesecake on Skopelos.There are locally made sweets, can be a child in the coastline.Most stores are stores on the main street of the city, street Papadiamandis. You’ll find clothing, souvenirs, jewelry, leather belts, etc.If you want something really authentic, you should go to the monastery and wine Evaggelistria buy, the monks do.

Getting around: There is a bus going well in many parts of the island. The bus stops are numbered, so it is very easy to know where to get off. No. 1 is in the numbers of the city and the last on the beach of Koukounaries. There is a small white bus that goes to and from the monastery and Evaggelistria Chora. You can also rent a car or a bicycle. Taxis on the island, but not by much, so you can be confident that you will get a day out, without reservation.

How to get to Skiathos has an airport, so it is not possible at national level or through local flights to Athens. Athens airport is approximately 35 minutes. Flying Dolphins has hydrofoils that go to and from the mainland (Ag Konstantinos and Volos) every day. Enlarge ferrybots arrive several times a day. A couple of times a week is also a ferry from Thessaloniki.